How do I keep DLP screen clean?

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How to Clean My Mitsubishi Dlp Screen | eHow

How to Clean My Mitsubishi Dlp Screen ... The Mitsubishi website recommends using only water or a mild detergent to clean your DLP TV screen. Clean your Mitsubishi ...

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I have a Samsung 50 inch DLP, keep getting a 'no signal" on the screen, what is needs to be fixed?

I have a Samsung 50 inch DLP Model# HL-P5063W, that works sometimes. I called out the cable company and they said that it is a problem with the television. Recently, I changed the bulb and the televison worked great. Now it works sometimes, when it doesn...


If you have cable then hit the cable button on your remote. It may read source button but your tv and...

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Contact the theater manager to let them know.

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Dual Screen help! cannot keep right on full screen.?

I am watching tv on the right screen on and whenever i click on the left screen to search the internet the full screen mode on the right minuses out. how can i keep the right screen full screen and still search on the left?


a mouse click will exit out of full screen on almost any program. thats just how its

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Dark shadow/ cloudy spots on DLP screen?

I have a few spots on my Samsung DLP screen that won't go away. They are somewhat noticeable when the screen is all white or something with a solid background of the same color. I am just curious as to what may be causing this problem. They are more...


on the sides of the screen is two round covers. pry off the screw cover to remove these covers. then...

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How to keep my TV on full screen while using a HDMI wire to watch netflix from my mac book pro?

I have been watching netflix through my HDMI wire streaming from my mac book pro. However when I want to use my laptop while watching a movie on full screen on the TV, the full screen no longer stays full screen and becomes the regular link screen with...


on your tv remote select ratio .

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Black spot on DLP Screen???

I have noticed as of recently that my picture on my Samsung DlP Tv in the middle has a black spot that looks like a shadow. Does anyone know what this is because I ruled out a burn in since DLP Tvs do not get them. What would make the picture do this...


It appears that something has got into your TV and is in the optical path. If the TV is not too heavy...

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Why does my computer keep restarting telling me i got the blue screen?

I know about the blue screen. i know it has to do with faulty hard drives. But my computer keeps restarting, WITHOUT bringing me the Blue Screen, but when windows loads up, it tells me, "Windows has recovered from a serious error" And after...


the manufacturer of the hard drive will have a diagnostics application usually this can be downloaded...

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Would using a microfiber cloth to clean my new cell phones screen keep the screen free from scratches?

I am assuming that taking away the small abrasive particles that could end up on the screen will keep the screen from getting scratched.(since the particles could get rubbed in to the screen causing small scratches, I am assuming)Am I corect?


only buying a cover will protect it from scratches. A microfiber cloth is great for cleaning sensitive...

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Is a screen saver necessary on a flat panel screen to keep it from burning or shadowing like CRTs used to?

Back in the "old days" of CRT monitors you had to use a screen saver to keep information from getting burned/etched onto the monitor's glass and/or phosphors. With today's modern flat-panel monitors (LCD and Plasma), can the screen be damaged...


Today it's technically just eye-candy. Those old CRT monitors changed a long way from today's CRTs,...

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