How can I make a fan video on Youtube?

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Wineries in the Santa Ynez Valley, about an hour north of Santa Barbara. Rolling hills, sunshine, peaceful...

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How to download videos off youtube?

Ive been trying to find easy ways to do it forever! like for example when users on youtube take a bunch of clips and edit them with a song to make a "fan made" music video. how can i get videos/music videos onto my computer to mess around wit...


you can use software called youtube downloader which u can download for free. Or u can use freecorder...

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How do i download videos now that youtube wont allow us to?

okay i make fan videos but ive always used videos off youtube(as in music videos, episodes, trailers, etc i dont take other peoples work and claim it as my own) now my video dowloader doesnt work and im assuming its because youtube has changed its settings...


I strongly recommend YouTube Downloader 3000 Its a great program for downloading youtube videos. Just...

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Please Please Please answer! How to make fan videos...?

Okay, so im trying to make my first fan video to put on youtube and I need a program very badly so I can download and convert them. I already have tried ZillaTube and now my time has expired on that so I need a new program (preferably one that doesn...


Urmm, not to be rude, but you get what you pay for. Invest $100, and reap the rewards.

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Tell me what you think of my youtube video?

this is my first youtube fan video i made as a movie trailer mockup for my favorite books. i just took their radio commercial and added some stuff tell me what your think of how I can make it better:


so who is bran hamrick then add a look at it again and thought it better the second time well put together...

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How do you convert a movie onto your computer to make a fan video?

I don't know which of this information would help but, here it goes. :P I have the free version of VideoPad (The editing software) I am trying to make a fan video to upload to youtube. If you could put your answer in a step by step form, it would be...


You can go and download Clone2Go Free Video Converter to help you. It can be used to convert video files...

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Best HD screen recorder and video editor?

i used to use hypercam but it had that logo at the top and i did find a code to get rid of it but it was not in HQ so i would like a free or free trial of a screen recorder so i can put together random clips of bands,animals and such together so i can...


You can try ActivePresenter from Its Free Edition allows you to record your...

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How do I get videos from youtube/or another website and edit them with movie maker?

I want to make a fan video for my favorite artist and I want to use some videos of her that I have seen on youtube. So it's there like a program that I can download that lets more


the one I use ids free and great because it detects and downloads video automatically. You don't have...

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How Can You Make A Fan Video On Youtube Without Breaking Copyright Laws?

I used clips from Avatar The Last Airbender and A song from Fall Out Boy and they were both rejected and both UMG and Viacom disputed claims that the content is theirs even though I more


You would need permission from whoever owns the copyright...of course, in most cases, those who own...

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how do you download music videos from YouTube then put it to social medias

I wanted to make a fan video but how do you do it

Answer: this link will help...

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