How will i make a edited video in YouTube?

Let’s learn how will i make a edited video in YouTube. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How to I make edited YouTube video?

Like cut out stuff make graphics...etc


like to make videos? you can use Sony Vegas or WIndows Movie Maker

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How can I make my uploaded youtube video clearer?

I converted a youtube video using youtube downloader and after that I edited it using windows movie maker then I converted it again to WMV...after that I uploaded it in my account on youtube but it comes out blurry....what should I do?...this is my first...


its usually like that for the 1st hour after uploading because its still processing

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How do i edit a video to make it look like theres two of me?

so i have a mac book pro and i use imovie. but what i want to do is make it seem like i have a twin in a video. Like the video is playing but theres two of me. for example...this youtube video i what i want to do. Its of this boy and its only him but...


If you want to look for a video editor to edit the format what you want ,you can look at the video editing...

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Youtube help? video response?:)?

So, I'm going to enter a contest on youtube and in the rules it says it has to be a video response. I don't want you to say 'go to write a comment then click upload' or whatever it says, I want to know if I edit my video and upload it to my channel as...


Alright, this may be a little confusing but I'll try my best. Bear with me, here. 1) Go to YouTube....

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How can i make a good video?

im an aspiring actor and movie producer, im 16 years old an would like to know what kind of equipment do i need to make a video look good. i want to start putting funny videos on youtube but im not sure how to make the videos look professional. what...


Hey! You don't need any expensive equipments to make a good video. I used to use my mom's digital camera...

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How do you make videos on youtube?

i want to make a video and how do i edited it, like add pictures and other stuff? also add more than 1 songs in the video too. plzzzzzzz help, im a noob with youtube ahaha



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A good video recording device for a Youtube music video?

Some of my friends and I are going to make a music video to this song we really like, and I'm in need of a good video camcorder device that would fit the bill for such a video. The device needs to be: 1.Less than $120 dollars 2.Compatible with Youtube...


For less than 120, your best bet is a flip.…

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Help uploading my video to YouTube? Why's the file so huge?!?

I'm entering a music video for Strawburry17's contest but I can't upload my video. It's only a couple seconds over 3 minutes but it's 7.6GB for some reason? I edited it on Sony Vegas 8 and when I rendered it I just did the default because I tried another...


convert the video to wmv with a converter website or any program you have installed like wmm. online...

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I want to make a youtube video help.?

now when i said i want help to make a youtube video i didnt mean like i want you guys to be in the vid or give me suggestions, i want to know how to make a youtube video. now i want to make a blank youtube video with a black backround and letters and...


I do not know if I understood you well, but for such thing you can use Windows movie maker. First choose...

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If you dont have a Video Camera, What free software can you download to make a youtube video?

If you dont have a Video Cam Recorder, what other way can you make a youtube video. I know there Is a way but I cant find one. My friend can make videos by using clips from other peoples youtube videos. If anybody else knows how to do this please tell...


moyea flv downloader, It downloads fast with very high quality, and it's free! I've been using it for...

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