How can I make a good clay for a school project?

Let’s learn how can I make a good clay for a school project. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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How can i make a good clay for a school project? | Yahoo ...

I need to make a santon for french. I wanted to go out to the store and get polymer clay, but thats way to expensive for my family right now. its like $3 a ...

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Can I use clay to make a model of a mission? My son needs to make one for a school project.?

I'm wondering if I need supports to hold the clay together or is there other materials I I can use to make a good looking mission. Also any ideas for the tiled roof?


Yes, you can use clay but it depends on how large of a model you are making. If you go with clay and...

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How to make a medieval castle out of clay for a school project!?

Okay so for school I have to make a medieval castle, i have clay so I decided why not if you can find me a tutorial with pictures, or give a REALLY detailed answer, I would appreciate more


Go find the book "CASTLE" which is a step by step of building a real castle and then changing...

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How To Make A Oboe out of Clay for school Project?!?!?!?!?!?!?

I have a project due tomorow and i need to know how to make it


a functional oboe, or just something which looks like one? I never heard of anybody making their own...

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How can i make Hollywood bowl model out of clay?

i'm doing a project for school and i was trying to make a model of hollywood bowl out of clay but i miserably failed. is there like a special step on using the clay? or what can i make the hollywood bowl out of?


clay would be a good material. I don't know why you failed. you may need to make the basic shape and...

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How can u make a pyramid out of clay, paint it and put it on cardboard?

Well at school I got this project with my friend and today we opened the clay to begin the pyramid. But the problem is we dont know how to make it in the pyramid with clay. And then I more


Making large dense objects with clay is challenging, as the clay tends to warp and crack as it dries...

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How can you make modeling clay dry faster?

I'm doing a project for school and I used modeling clay for part of it. Do you know any ways to make it dry faster? Please tell me!


limit your use of water, you can also use a blow dryer to dry the outside. keep it in a cool, dry place...

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What kind of clay should I use for this school project?

tl;dr: I need clay that is more sophisticated than play-doh and not as "professional" as actual clay-- and preferably pre-coloured. For my Spanish class field trip, we're gonna see a Spanish opera/ballet. And for every field trip, there has...


the easiest would be air-dry clay. If you want something a bit more sturdy you can use polymer clay...

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Snow for school craft project?? please help!!?

ok so im doing a craft project in school and we had to make a Canadian animal out of clay and we have to make a background with it. i was thinking of putting the seal on some fake snow. what can i use to make fake snow or how can i make some that wont...


Laundry detergent powder or fine soap flakes mixed with glitter makes excellent snow. It has a great...

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Can someone please help me?!? Clay project?

Okay so im making a clay project for a school project, im making a certain type of jar.but anyway, i made it last night and heres what i did, i covered an empty plastic peanut butter jar with clay, it looked perfect last night, but now it has a bunch...


Depends on what type of clay you are using. If you are using clay that will be fired. Starting over...

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