How can I make a myspace comment into a picture caption?

Let’s learn how can I make a myspace comment into a picture caption. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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You have to go to the comment you want as a picture, & press Prnt Scrn on your keyboard. That will...

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How do you make myspace comment buttons so they are just the words with no picture or anything?

For my myspace i want to make a comment button that is just words no picture or anything.... therefore it comes out that dark blue myspace default colour. thnax


i think you can change that in the place where you can edit ur profile

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How do i make a myspace picture caption?

i have a picture i want to put as my caption of another picture but i cant figure out how to do it. i thought it was <img scr=<"then download from tinypic"> but it more


go to add/edit photo's then click on the picture that you want to change and there will be a box that...

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How do I make a comment from myspace into an actual picture?

Not putting pictures into myspace comments, but to make a comment that someone left me into a picture. I have seen it on other peoples profiles such as: more


You can do a screenshot of the site with the comment and then crop/edit it with Paint or another picture...

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How do you make a picture a picture caption on MySpace?

I am doing what you're supposed to, but all it ends up to be is two periods. The picture doesn't show up. Please help me!


go to edit picture and there it is

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How do you set a picture as your caption on FACEBOOK, not myspace..?

I want to make a picture my caption for a picture on Facebook. I already knew the code for the myspace version of this dilemma, but I need to know the HTML to do it on Facebook. Please & Thank you.


Run you cursor over the picture (or the square that would be) and it'll ask you what you want to do...

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Everytime i put a picture on my picture caption on myspace it always comes up as a box with a little x in it.?

how do i make that go away so that my original picture will be on the caption?


Maybe you should post the exact code on YAHOO. If you have quotes around the URL, make sure it's on...

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Myspace picture caption question?

how do you make a pixel or an image from photobucket or tinypic be your picture caption for myspace?? thankkss.


Okay, to add an image in your "Headline" section of your Myspace page; using Photobucket,...

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I can't find a place that says that you can use pictures as captions for another picture on MySpace.

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Make a myspace picture caption code with this picture...? I would looove for your help.. I know the codes && everythann I just think im doing something wrong =/ It wont show up.. Im getting more


try this as your caption <img src=""...

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