How can I make a picture frame?

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I want to make picture frame Christmas tree ornaments?

I do not want to put pictures ina glass ball. I want to have my pictures framed kind of and on the tree. How? I am doing my tree in black & white & thought B&W photos would be cute. The only ways I know are jar lids and popsicle sticks... Any ideas?


You can use wrapping paper silver to go with the color theme. Adhere the picture to lightweight cardboard...

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How can I make a custom back-lit picture frame using led lights and a diffuser?

The purpose is to make a solar powered night light or just a cool looking backlit picture on the wall. I have some vellum sheets with different patterns that I might test for the nightlight.  How can I get the led light to diffuse well enough while keeping...


The common solution for an even backlighting is to use linear LED strips mounted on the sides your frame...

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how can I make a photo collage and print it out in a picture for a frame?

my bestfriend's birthday is today and I was thinking of putting all of our pictures together and frame it. is that possible or should I make the collage on my phone than print it at cvs?


I would download the pictures on your computer if you already have that I would pull up the picture...

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How can i make the frame picture thing for my avatar bigger?

its so small you can't even see my white tiger!


Click here >>> Then, download the full-sized image...

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How do i make a picture frame?

im theaming my room a sort of vintage-paris and have some pictures and paintings that i would like to frame. any suggestions on how to style them or paint them to make them seem more authentic? just by maybe starting off with a plain wooden frame?


Here is an idea :)

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How to make my own Digital Picture Frame?

I have two broken laptop and I am thinking of converting them to Digital Picture Frame. Anyone know site/link or instruction on how to make them?


I don't know how to make a digital photo frame, but I know of a website with cool digital photo frame...

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How to make insignia digital picture frame play video? lots of points!?

So i have an isignia picture frame and i really need it to play a video but everytime i go to the video it says no picture files were detected. is there a way to get it to find the video and play it? thanks!


It's likely that your videos are not in a format that the digital photo frame recognizes. In order for...

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How would I make a horse shoe picture frame?

I am trying to think up crafts for a kids horse birthday party, so I am looking for a fairly easy way to make a picture frame out of horse shoes.


I would just string ribbon or some jute rope from one end to the other to hang it from, and glue gun...

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Can I make a digital picture frame display my computers screen?

I have a digital picture frame and I though I could use it to have an other screen. Can j do this via USB port? Thanks



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How much does it cost to make a picture frame?

Hi, I need to know the bare costs, in terms of raw materials (not time and over-heads) of making a double-mounted picture frame with glass. A3 size... i.e. roughly 40cm X 30cm. The more details you can go into the better. Many thanks indeed Waltheof.


I did one for about $12.50 its a really nice one.

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