How can I make a phone call to a cruise ship?

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How Do You Call a Cruise Ship at Sea? | USA Today

Step 3. Compare rates for a call to the ship at sea with a call when it is in port. Typically cruise ships disable their onboard cell phone satellite connections as ...

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How much does it cost to make a phone call from a cruise ship? Ship to Shore Call.?

Has anyone ever made a call & knows approx. how much? If you have a cell phone with you, can you get service? I guess it would depend on where you traveling. I just was wondering.


usually you can use your cell phone no more than 10 miles offshore but farther than that you will have...

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Call Carnival Cruiseline and request the phone number of the ship Conquest

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Does Alltel work well on a Cruise ship to the Bahamas?

On Alltel's website, it says that you can use their "Cruise Ship Roaming" which means you can use the alltel cell phone on the cruise ship for almost $3 dollars a minute. Should I get a calling card or stick with my cell phone in case I need...


idk since i dont have altel sorry

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International phone call from Disney cruise ship?

I'm going on a cruise with the Disney ship next Christmas, but I have to make an extremely important international call (to South America) on Christmas day, and I don't know more


I was on the Disney Magic recently. Disney equips their ships with an on-board cellular phone network...

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I'm a former travel agent so let me offer an answer. If you are not on the ship when it sails, you are...

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How do you call from a cruise ship in the Caribbean for less?

The cruise ship wants to charge 75 cents a minute for a phone call. I find that to be taking those stuck with little ones at home for a ride. I've heard of apps on cell phones, more


Actually, the 75 cents a minute is a bargain. Most cruise lines charge more like $7.99/minute for ship...

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Cell phone on carnival cruise ship?

I'm going on the mexican riviera cruise, on carnival, and I went to their website, and it said you can make calls from the ship on your cell phone. Does that mean they added more


If the phone does work, you may be charged for an international call so you may want to check on that...

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Do I have grounds to sue a cruise ship for using intimidation to make me "stop being gay" ?

My husband and I were on a cruise recently. One of the nights we ordered room service and at the end of the phone call my husband, who was glad to finally get ahold of them to get more


With all due respect, you sound like a drama queen. :-)

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Can I use my cell phone's Mp3 player while on a cruise ship?

I want to use the Mp3 player, but I don't want to get charged international rates if I have an incoming phone call, or text. If I put my phone on airplane mode would that prevent more


you can but if u get a call or text ur screwed

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