How can I make a timeline look good aesthetically?

Let’s learn how can I make a timeline look good aesthetically. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How to make a timeline look really creative?

i dont want it to be a line with plain history about it


Make a timeline look creative by giving it a theme, such as changing its color and adding graphics Good...

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How do I make my Facebook Timeline look more professional and classy?

I am a website designer and developer. I already have a Facebook profile or wall as it was called earlier. I want to know How can I make my timeline looks more classy and more


It is very simple and easy. Get graphics images on google, use paint to edit to your taste or photoshop...

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How to make a really good timeline?

i need to make a timeline with 10 events of my life using all my imagination and creativity , how can i make it to look really cool?


[PDF] Writing Process Timeline Banner Adobe PDF - View as html Helping Teachers Make A Difference ®...

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Which UI options are suitable for a profile or timeline page for a mobile?

I'm currently creating a draft profile/timeline page for a mobile taxi booking application as part of a university project. The basic premise behind this is letting users have their own page to keep track of their taxi journeys. Below is what I've designed...


Some of my suggestions: Followers and Following icons are very confusing. I won't mind if you use a...

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Facebook timeline HELP!!?!?!?

I LOVE facebook and i would also love the new timeline IF it dident have that "history" thing where you can go back to years of facebook posts, when i first heard about tieline i thought it was a fun little app you can look st, laugh at your...


*Note: It is important to tell you that Facebook Timeline is a server side feature and using below methods...

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On windows movie maker how do i make the timeline longer to the eye?

on windows movie maker how do i make the timeline longer(not in time just make it look bigger so i can mess with it) so i can trim short clips? SOOO yeah im trying to make a video with some pictures but each section is too small for me to even see!!...


Zoom in on it Use the magnifying glass icon located just above it on the left.

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For avid readers: Would you be interested in a book timeline? Yes or no, and how much would you pay?

Hi, I am currently working on an idea (which I hope is not a mistake for sharing it with the community). It is a very cool looking poster that shares a 1,2 or 5 year timeline of all the books you have read. It can be either with covers or just the names...


Yes. And I know just who I would buy it for. I recently typed up the handwritten list of books that...

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How can I best control my Facebook Timeline privacy?

Are the new timelines inherently public?  I've tried blocking my timeline from an "extremely limited view" group I had, that couldn't see my wall  (these would be adults, bosses, family, etc.) Now, they can see the posts on my timeline.  Is...


Here's an easy to follow guide for the new Facebook Timeline to make sure you don't share the wrong...

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How to make a timeline ?

Okay, so I have to make a parade float about an author. I have a shoe box and I made a shape of it out of that. I need to know how to make a time line though? Should I use Word and cut the timeline out or something? I think it will look rather dull since...



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Read ended by truck a month ago; their ins co won't make a decision

I was hit by a garbage truck a little over a month ago. He had a stop sign that he decided to ignore. I was on a rte/main road with no stop sign, going with the flow of (considerable) traffic. My car was pretty seriously damaged and needs to be fixed...


Can you afford to eat the cost of the rental now, but demand to be reimbursed? She told me if I push...

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