How can I make animated thumbnails for my gallery of videos?

Let’s learn how can I make animated thumbnails for my gallery of videos. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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Animated Thumbnail Gallery - Extensions - DMXzone.COM

... on your pages with the Animated Thumbnail Gallery. ... on a thumbnail, it explodes with amazing animation effects to full size ... Videos Requirements History 0 ...

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How can I make my video thumbnails start showing up again?

Why aren't my video thumbnails showing? Not too long ago, I started having problems with the thumbnails of videos in my file folders not showing up; instead of the thumbnail, an icon would be displayed for RealPlayer. Since I've used RealPlayer to download...


I installed the KL Codec Pack which enabled thumbnail generation for all the various odd formats. They...

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Concern about web page photo gallery and impact on server load

I'm setting up a new set of image gallery web pages for a site recently redesigned with Twitter Bootstrap framework. Based on past experience I'm concerned about possible server load issues, but since this is new tech now maybe I'm just paranoid? Full...


Also, I know you mentioned the slideshow doesn't paginate or create thumbs, but both those things are...

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Why won't my lightbox gallery show the third image?

Why won't my lightbox gallery show the third image? Hey, I'm stuck trying to create a gallery that is launched by clicking on a single thumbnail and then scrolls through to two additional images. For some reason it will only go between the first two...


Your "next" button is there after the 2nd image, it's just getting shoved below the lightbox...

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How do you set thumbnails for YouTube videos?

I have a YouTube channel and want to set thumbnails...I work with Photo Shop and make awesome thumbnails, but it never works. I heard you had to put it in at the beginning of the video, but that didn't work. I use iMovie. Thanks :P


If you're a YouTube partner and allow them to place ads in your videos then you have to contact them...

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Catchy song ideas for an art gallery slideshow?

I am putting together a slide show of an art gallery and it is being used to showcase the gallery to new students who are thinking of going to the university. I am using After Effects and I want to make it a 3d fast moving show with a lot of quick and...


Here are a couple of ideas for you:…

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Thumbnails won't load in Windows Explorer?

When i open any window (ex: C:/User/Users/Pictures) the thumbnails will not load. i have it set to medium large icons, and usually they have always shown a small version of the picture, but lately my computer has been extremely slow. Youtube videos are...


load all the pictures and music on external drive...if ur c drive(window files ) is low on space u will...

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Seeing inspirational and mind-blowing videos for kids

What can I show children to inspire and wow them? I teach children aged between 9 and 11. I'm looking for video clips (or other) to show the children that will blow their minds - or at least, prompt discussion, broaden their horizons and take them outside...


The Kid Should See This usually has a good assortment of stuff. Some of it may be too young, too old...

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Need Help With Mysql and Php for videos!?

i have a website i want thumbnails of videos in a row and when clicked it takes the visitor to a page where the video is played, is there a a away to store video info and thumbnails in a Mysql Database so that when i add a new video it will update automatically...


Scenario: Add A New Video - user: upload video with video info - system: retrieve then store the file...

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My Coppermine gallery disappeared?

I was given a fansite and while I know basics, this is beyond the little that I taught myself so far. A few days ago I was attempting to install "Affiliationally" to make it easier to add affiliates. Needless to say I still haven't gotten it...


Greetings to all

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