How do I make animated GIFs from movies?

Let’s learn how do I make animated GIFs from movies. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How to Make Animated Gifs?

Hi i wanted to make some animated gifs of stewie from family guy i have downloaded the movies but i don't know how to extract gifs from the movies?


First you use whatever software you have lying around -- since I've been on Linux since before Windows...

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How to make GIFS from movies?

I recently bought photoshop and I know I lot already about making gifs already. However, I don't know how to download movies/movie clips and make GIFS from them. I need them to be more


Dude When you write about GIFS are you talking about GIF 88 or GIF 89a formats? One is a static image...

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If you are a pc user its pretty easy. Every PC that is Vista or Windows 7 at least comes with "...

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How does Hollywood make so awesome movies and Bollywood doesn't?

I recently watched The Hobbit and Fast Five, and the trailers of Fast and Furious 6, Iron Man 3 and loads of other movies. I truly enjoy watching Hollywood movies. When i am asked about English movies i have watched and liked, i have to count till 1...


What's awesome for you can be crap for anybody else, In India cheap gimmicks are double meaning jokes...

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Best website to make movie gifs for Tumblr?

I normally use to make movie gifs, but after I make them on that website and try to post them on Tumblr they just show up as jpgs. I don't want one of those sites where you upload a bunch of pictures, I want one where you upload a small...



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Where can I go to make my .gifs less grainy?

My .gifs are showing up grainy. I use Gimp & I've heard cs4 and photoshop is better. However I don't have time for Adobe, it takes too long to configure for me. It asks me to buy a liscence when I don't want to pay. SOOO, I'm asking you guys, today...


Adobe Photoshop won't make a better job of making GIFs. I use Photoshop and GIMP, and I can tell you...

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Top 10 reasons the Harry Potter Movies make me mad.?

So I have not been impressed with any of the movies since the first one. I thought that it was really good but since then they have just slaughtered the rest. Here are my problems. 1. No Peaves. Are you kidding? He was one of the best people in the books...


I completely agree with you! It pisses me off how much they screw up the movies. They cut out the small...

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How/Where to make .gifs?

Hii, I just wanted to know where I could make .gifs online or on a program? Not the kind of .gifs where you use pictures but in a sort of video form. I want to make them not too more

Answer: That website is the best for converting videos to animated gifs, but it leaves...

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Why doesn't Bollywood make movies on historical moments and characters as they make movies in Hollywood like Lincoln, Saving Private Ryan, etc.?

Hollywood has made wide-ranging movies in this field viz Lincoln, Saving Private Ryan to name a few out of 100s of such great movies. And also Bollywood has resources, there is a target segment of people who are keenly interested in such movies and Indian...


I think the people of sub-continent has to think their own history rather than European history. And...

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How can I make higher quality GIFs via GIMP?

I have been creating GIFs lately but have run into the same problem that everyone else runs into. GIFs use indexed colors instead of RGB and when I save it makes the GIF look lower quality. I have tried dithering but it still doesn't help. I want to...


All you can do is max out the number of colours when you convert to indexed mode before you save the...

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