How do I transfer my home VHS movies to DVD?

Let’s learn how do I transfer my home VHS movies to DVD. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How do you record VHS tapes to my computer? ?

I have some home movies on VHS and I would like to transfer it to my HP Notebook Entertainment PC so I can edit and burn then to DVD's. How would I go about that?


You need a video connection on your computer. Easiest way to get one would probably be buy a tv tuner...

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How can I transfer my VHS home movies to DVDs using a DVD recorder?

I am trying to figure out how to trasfer my VHS home movies to DVD, by using a DVD recorder. Is there any way to playback my VHS movies while recording on the dvd recorder? Any help would be great!


Hi Broadway, Connect the output of your VHS to the input of your DVD recorder. You can burn a copy of...

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How to transfer my old VHS home movies to DVD?

I can not afford a Vhs dvd recorder and I do not want to mail them away. I have a computer with windows 7 and a burner but I want to be able to play them on a regular TV dvd player. What is the easiest way with out paying a fortune to do this?


hello u need a good video capture deviceand a lot of time cause its very time consuming. u have to play...

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Can I Transfer My VHS Home Movies On To A DVD Through My Computer?

I want to transfer my vhs home movies to dvd and was wondering if it's possible to do it through my computer, and if so how?


Yes, if you have DVD burner and a/v inputs on your computer, plus of course, a vcr.

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There are a lot of sites which explain the process of converting VHS to DVD. This following site I found...

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I want to transfer my vhs home movies to dvd. Any advice?

I have seen several machines while researching in the $120.00 range. Do these machines work? Is that a good price?


I used a usb capture card with a video in and a audio in there a phew about plus you can edit as well...

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How do I transfer Videos (VHS) to DVD? I have a video player and a DVD recorder, but they are separate...?

I have a bunch of old home movies on VHS Video that I want to transfer on to DVD. I have a DVD recorder, but don't know where to start! I tried playing the video and hitting more


You should be able to do it scart to scart. Link the two together try it.

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Need to know best way to convert home movies from vhs to dvd?

please help!, I cannot search anymore to find a machine/recorder to transfer my Old Home Movies on VHS safely onto DVD. Can someone giver me a make, model of any electronic out there


Just get a basic DVD Recorder they sell them at Wal-Mart to Amazon. Then connect your VHS tape player...

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Copying old DVD of home movies onto my Mac hard drive?

I want to copy a DVD of home movies to my hard drive (mac) and be able to watch them (and possibly upload them onto the internet). Copied the DVD files, but none of them will open with any of my current applications. Please help. I recently found an...


Is there a VIDEO_TS folder containing those files? The VIDEO_TS folder is what you would open with Apple...

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Home movies onto DVD

VHS to DVD: I am thinking about getting a DVD burner but want to determine which is best for my goal - that is, I would like to transfer my home movies from VHS, digital 8 and miniDV onto DVDs. What DVD burner should I buy?


There are two different types of DVD burners: standalone VCR-style units and drives you attach to your...

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