How do I transfer VHS to DVD?

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How do I transfer VHS videos to DVD?

My cousin just passed away and one of my other cousins is making a video of pics/videos of his life. We have some home videos with him in it to give to her but they are in VHS. Is there a way to transfer them to DVD? Please help. I need to do this as soon as possible


I'm sorry about your cousin. Yes there is a way to transfer VHS to DVD but it isn't cost effective for...

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How can i transfer my VHS Disney movies and the like to DVD or CD-R cheaply?

I have a CD burner on my PC. No DVD drive or DVD recorder as of yet. I want to switch my VHS collection over to DVD or possible CD-R that will play on DVD players that play those formats. What equipment do i need? Can i go straight to DVD if i get a...


There is a device sold at radio shack for about 50 bucks that allows rca connections to be connected...

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How do I transfer a copy-protected VHS movie to DVD?

I've got some rare 80s movies on VHS that are not available on DVD. I want to transfer these movies to DVD, but my VCR/DVD combo unit will not allow me to burn a copy-protected VHS movie. Is there any way around this? Not looking to make a profit and...


Easy done. Play the tape to your TV. Then either run the TV video/audio out to your DVD burner and kick...

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Dvd recorder used to transfer vhs to dvd. How can i get this dvd onto my hard drive.?

dvd shrink will not recognise dvd recorded format. This dvd will not play directly from drive E/ but will play in nero show time. Thanks for any help.


Is it possible that the disc hasn't been closed properly. I can't think of another reason that DVD Shrink...

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How to transfer VHS to DVD using a DVD-R?

Hi guys, I've bought a DVD-R and I want to transfer my old VHS tapes onto DVD's. Can anyone tell me how I can do this? Like, what gets plugged into what? Thanks!!! :-)


DVD recorder A/V out to TV A/V in VCR A/V out to DVD recorder A/V in. Turn TV on, set to the input which...

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How do you transfer Pre-recorded VHS tapes onto DVD's?

Alright, I have VHS tapes that are recorded of my family and I, and I would like to transfer them onto a DVD. The quality of the VHS tapes are starting to get old, and how look better on a DVD. I am not sure how to do this, or if I need a certain machine...


there is a unit called honestech vhs to dvd it plugs into your vcr and your computer through usb port...

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How can I transfer a video cassette onto a DVD with my DVD/VHS player?

I have this old video tape and I want to transfer it to a DVD using my DVD/VHS player WITHOUT any expensive devices/software. If it isn't possible, then give me any other info you have on easy ways to do this.


If it's something you recorded off a television broadcast, or a home video you taped with your camcorder...

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How do I transfer Videos (VHS) to DVD? I have a video player and a DVD recorder, but they are separate...?

I have a bunch of old home movies on VHS Video that I want to transfer on to DVD. I have a DVD recorder, but don't know where to start! I tried playing the video and hitting more


You should be able to do it scart to scart. Link the two together try it.

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How to transfer all my disney vhs movies to dvd.?

I'd like to know how to transfer my vhs disney collection to dvd. Every time I press the dubbing button on the vhs/dvd recorder it tells me:" this program cannot be more


You can't as they are copy proof.

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How can I transfer my VHS home movies to DVDs using a DVD recorder?

I am trying to figure out how to trasfer my VHS home movies to DVD, by using a DVD recorder. Is there any way to playback my VHS movies while recording on the dvd recorder? Any help would be great!


Hi Broadway, Connect the output of your VHS to the input of your DVD recorder. You can burn a copy of...

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