How can I record VHS tapes from my DVD player?

Let’s learn how can I record VHS tapes from my DVD player. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How can i record VHS tapes from my DVD player?

I got a JVC VCR/DVD combo and i m trying to record some movies. I only have dvds and want to make them into VHS since my grandma only has a VCR.


Hi, If you record a DVD that comes from the shop the recording quality is affected. Like the colour...

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How easy is it to record our family VHS tapes (kids growing up, grandchildren) onto a recordable DVD player?

We have twenty years of VHS recordings of the children, holidays and other family celebrations. Now that VHS is a dying media format, we are at last thinking of getting a DVD player/recorder. Is it simply a case of plugging-in our video player into our...


its very easy... connect video to dvd recorder with scart lead on line2/av2..connect dvd to tv- line...

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I have a DishNetwork DVR and I want to record DVR shows onto VHS tapes using a Toshiba DVD/VHS Player/Recorder?

I have a Toshiba DVD/VHS Player/Recorder and I want to record my DVR shows onton VHS tapes from my Dish Network DVR. I only have one composite cable (red,white,yellow), and the DVR more



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if you have a DVD burner in your computer, and your sound card has RCA jacks, you can simpily plug the...

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DVD to Laptop help. Is there a way I can record old VHS tapes from my DVD player, to my laptop to upload?

Ok so I have this video of me and friends as a kid and it's funny, so I want to upload it to Youtube to show them. The problem is when I was that age they didn't have digital, more


The S-Video connector is most likely an output, not an input connector. I think you need a capture card...

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Can I use this DVR player to record VHS tapes to DVD?

It's a Panasonic PV-D4734S Yes I know it has dust.


Here is the manual I think its from Panasonic… So your...

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Can I hook up a VHS player to my PS3 to record the tapes?!?

Hey i sort of have a problem. I recorded on my dvd player my VHS tapes to get them on dvd, but it wont let me play them on any other device. So i was thinking mabey i can use my ps3 to record the tapes than transfer the file to a bluray disc. idk if...


hello just finalize the dvds on what ever u used too burn them that makes them playable in most dvd...

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How do I hook up a vcr/dvd combo player to my cable box so I can record things from my dvr player?

I have Knology cable and that cable box has a dvr. I have a Magnavox vcr/dvd combo, my tv is an older model Magnavox that only has the one cable thing in the back. I also have a RF Modulator if need be. I would like to hook up my vcr/dvd player so that...


This will be easy, being I have the same exact DVR/Set-Top Box So I am guessing you have your Cable...

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