How can I record footage from my Wii?

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How can I record footage from my Wii? | Yahoo Answers

How can I record footage from my Wii? I have no money and want to record game footage. All I ... Can a JazzHDV146 record Wii footage out of the TV?

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Can a JazzHDV146 record Wii footage out of the TV?

Hello. I'm wondering if a "JazzHDV146" video camera can record Wii footage out of the TV. It has AV jack in it. But I don't know how to do it. Help


Using the AV jack? No. The AV jack on the camcorder is out from the camcorder to a monitor only. The...

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What should I use to record my Nintendo Wii game footage?

I wanna do this so I can start reviewing games. I hear the Dazzle is the most popular option, but there's so many versions of it, I don't know which one I should get. Please more


I have a Dazzle at home, and I have hooked it up to my PS2 before for a little school project that I...

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How can I capture (record) videogame gameplay and audio with also my own commentaries?

Like iJustinegaming and SuperBoeBros, how do they record their videogame playthrough footage and audio with commentary at the same time? Is there some special equipment or software for the computer? I ask for specific equipment and/or software and step...


There are allot of options you can use: Easycap, Pinnacle, Newelectronx, Dazzle, Hauppauge, Blackmagic...

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How do I record footage from my television to my Canon Vixia HF S100 HD camcorder? (Step by step please)?

Hi, I'm 16, and would like to record some Wii/PS3 gameplay footage. Can somone give me STEP BY STEP instructions to do so? The Vixia came with four different cords, two of which more


If you want to connect a cable to your Canon HF S 100 to record video, that is not going to happen....

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Wii hook up capture threw hd tv?

k so i have a 46 inch hd tv a Sony E880 3D Blu-ray Disc™/ DVD 5.1ch Home Cinema a bell HD PVR Plus receiver and a black magic intensity capture card. currently my set up is the Wii is plugged into the back of the TV via composite. the Xbox is plugged...


Get the Wii component cable, and plug into the Black Magic, and component from that to the receiver...

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Recording PS3 Game Footage with Dazzle and HDMI Cable?

I got a ps3 a few days ago and I got a dazzle DVC 100 a while ago, with my ps3 I got a HDMI Cable for the TV to make the footage a lot better while playing it on the TV. Here's a link to the HDMI Cable that I use,0,337,323...


You can not record with an HDMI cable. There is no device that records from HDMI because the data running...

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How to record footage from this angle?

Hey there guys, I'm a bedroom DJ who wants to record my DJ footage but I don't know ho to record my equipment from this angle: (sorry for the blurry pic) I don't know how to record footage from that angle. If you looked...


A 2 X 4, a little glue, a little ingenuity and this will work No where in this post , including link...

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right, i watched a tutorial on youtube on how to set up a hd pvr to record pc footage, but im quite confused from what i understand, the component cables from the PVR plug into the dvi port on my Graphics Card (via splitter) and the usb from the PVR...


You will need a hd pvr with video pass through. does your hd pvr have video pass through on it? also...

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Record Video Game Footage High Quality?

Alright we all know there are plenty of ways to record Video Game footage out there. Anyway my question is simply this. I want to record high quality videos which I know how to do. But in order for my to record my footage I need to lower my tv settings...


My best suggestion would be to use Fraps, it does cost money, however - there are ways of not having...

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