How can I make guys like me more?

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How to make guys enjoy talking to me?

Okay so I'm a college student. And I'm a girl. And I just wanna make some good friends in my classes. But I'm quite the social nerd. So, I really wanna make friends with girls, as well as guys too.. But so far, all my life, I've never been able to make good, enjoyable conversations with guys. I'm always an EPIC FAILURE in that. So, can anyone give me some tips in these: 1)What should I talk about when I talk with guys? 2)What do guys expect girls to act/talk about? 3)How to know you're not being...


Ok I had the same problem too for a while but that's because you think too much before you speak.. First...

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How can I make the guys I hang out with treat me like a woman and not like one of them?

I have a group of guy friends and they treat me as if I was one of them (a man), only with sexsist jokes every now and then. How can I make them treat me like a woman? (they treat other girls with respect and I can't cut them off because they are friends...


Stop hanging out with them. Your boyfriend and you should have your own time together and then you go...

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How can I make my youtube account layout look like this guys?

Please help! How can I make my youtube account layout look like this guys?


..Look like whos'?

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How do I make my hair look good?! Its really short and I can't make it look good:( It is starting to look like a guys!! Any tips?!

I hate my hair right now and I want to make it look better! I am not really good at hair stuff but any tips would be great!


If you are planning on keeping it short then you could go for a new cut, your hairdresser will know...

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If a guy wants to make a cover, how and where can he find guys who would like to do the instrumental part of the cover?

He sings. He wants people who can play the song. NOTE: He (the singer) is not trying to form a band. He just wants to make that one cover. He can always get instrumental tracks from YouTube, but he prefers a live musician playing the instruments. He...


Perhaps you could post an ad in a local musicians magazine, or sign up on an online forum of active...

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How can i make guy friends? i only have friend hu are girls and most guys dont like me??? HELP!!?

How can i make guy friends???!!! help i need advice ASAP PLZ!!!


I've always found it easy to talk and hang with guys when I sort of become a guy myself. I don't mean...

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i atrract guys i'm not supposed be attracting kinda like pedofile. how can i make this stop.

okay as of now im 19 year old but when i was younger and it still happens till this day i attract guys over 27.. if they were younger i wouldnt mind so much..but i was sexually abuse more then 3 times and idk why this happens to me i just want to stop...


I don't think you can say you're not supposed to attract any kind of guys/men if you're physically matured...

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Girl: How can I make more female friends? It seems like all my old and new friends are guys!?

I think it may bother my boyfriend a little. Why is it possible that other girls may not like me?


because ur cute n they're jealous

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How can I make myself more appealing to older guys?

Not old like middle-aged (unless that's how it worked out) but guys in their 20's and 30's. I'm an 18 y/o guy but look even younger because I'm short and have a baby face. The kind of guys that are attracted to me physically are guys around my age, which...


Sounds like you just need to meet the right man who'll like you for you. If you change yourself to please...

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How can an attached girl make friends with single guys? Or can she?

Help a girl make guy friends with a minimum of misunderstandings. (Despite a history of misunderstandings.)I am female, in my late 20s. I am in a committed relationship that is about to temporarily become long-distance. I am about to enter an environment...


I'm not sure MBA students are as Facebook-obsessed as my fellow undergrads are at college. But if they...

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