How can I make my video smaller?

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How to Make a Video From a Camera Small Enough to Email: Connect a USB cable from your digital video...

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How to i make a 25.0MB video smaller so i can email on yahoo mail which can only take 10.0MB video please help

i need to send a video to someones email and my video is 25.0MB and yahoo mail only allows you to use up to 10.0MB how can i do this?


Use WinZip.

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How do I make a video smaller so I can upload it to my Youtube account?

I took a video today on my digital camera and I uploaded it to my computer, but when I try to upload it to Youtube as is, it won't upload. So do I have to make it smaller? If yes, more


To change your file size, you can go to Windows movie maker and import your video there. It can be found...

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How can i make a video smaller so i can email it?

i want to convert a 27 mb video to at least a 20 mb so i can email it, how do i do that?


Convert it to MPEG4 format. I recommend using Handbrake freeware. The files it generates are viewable...

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How can I make the size of a DVD video smaller?

My video has 4487 MB's and the DVD is 4482 MB. The video has English and Hungarian sound tracks, and both English and Hungarian subtitles. I would like to keep the English sound more


As you note, you need to leave something out to gain space (or even reduce video quality). DVDFab is...

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How can I make a video attachment smaller so I can mail it to someone!?

I keep on getting some kind of error saying my attachment is too big for me to email. i need to email the actual video, not the link to another address.


k, this will work. tell the friend to do the exact same thing that im telling u. this will work to send...

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How can i make my video smaller?

my video is too large for youtube but i want to upload it without cutting it. i was wonderind if there was a program out there which could decrease the size maybe by lowering the more


to do this, open up your video file in windows movie maker-- then go to "save movie file"...

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How can you change a video file size to make it BIGGER! NOT SMALLER!?

I'm trying to combine all these Youtube vids to make one big file, but there is one vid that for some reason DivX Converter refuses to allow because frame rate, sample bit, more


Use a video converter to convert it, with iFunia Video Converter, you can choose the output video file...

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How can i make a sony vegas video a smaller size?



try using mp4 option. select the entire timeline and use render as in the drop down menu. there will...

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How do I make the video files smaller on the Sony Handycam DCR-SR40?

I have a Sony Handycam DCR-SR40, which has a 30GB harddrive to store the videos in. I noticed the video files are very very big. A minute of video might be 20 or 30mb's or something like that. In any case, they are very large. I suppose it's because...


This is the great problem with video files. They are big. 20 to 30MB for a mintue of HiDef footage is...

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