How can I permanently turn off Voice on Messenger?

Let’s learn how can I permanently turn off Voice on Messenger. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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This question has Expired. I encourage you to pick the first answer unless it isn't what your looking...

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Need to know how to turn on the voice Messenger so I can get voice email?

how do you enable the voice message part of Messenger so I can get voice email? I was told it might be disabled or turned off. I didnt see any place to click it "on".....thanks


dial your own number and see if it gets to your voice mail. If not you might have to ask your provider...

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How to turn on standard greeting in Yahoo Messenger w/ Voice?

I've heard that there is a standard outgoing greeting that you can activate for the Yahoo Messenger Voice Call phone-in service but I can't find it and Yahoo doesn't answer requests. Other people on Answers have mentioned it, but not how to turn it on...


Yahoo Messanger with Voice, has a live tech support. I've talked with them a couple of times. They are...

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Why is the voice so quiet when i use the voice commumication on conference in messenger how can i turn it up?

In conference, all of the sound that I get from others is really really quiet (in comparison to sounds that run off my computer) why?!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?


Click here and check out:…

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Is there a way to turn off the voice in the new Yahoo Messenger version 8.1?

My yahoo messenger keeps logging off and on by itself. When it does a little pop up says " A voice device is no longer OR is now connected or disconnected. It says this weather or not I have my webcam hooked up to my computer. Is there anyway to...


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Check your volume on your PC, right bottm close to the clock, there is an icon with speaker, try that...

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How can I prevent Yahoo! Messenger from starting when I turn on my computer?

I don't like this! I downloaded Yahoo! Messenger w/Voice this morning. It now starts when I turn on my computer.


Sign into your yahoo messenger. Click on messenger on the top of your left then click on preference...

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My,my,my,my yahoo messenger with voice is not working,how am I going to fix it?

Yahoo messenger with voice is not working,what can I do?Can I just delet yahoo messenger with voice and then download it again,or maybe just turn off my computer then download it?


Uninstall your YM then reboot. Reinstall the messenger after rebooting.

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How do I disable voice chat on Messenger 8?

So I got the new Messenger V8 with Voice... I no longer have a microphone or anything (Plus no desire to voice chat) and I want to turn OFF voice chat in chat rooms. It causes problems with LaunchCAST too. :( I've looked all through the preferences....


I agree, Y/M v.8 is stupid, it brings a lot of virus to my pc, so I install the 7.5. Now it getting...

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Disabling all sound from Yahoo Messenger?

I want to be able to use Yahoo Messenger while still listening to my MP3s... so I don't want to mute my soundcard or mute wave sounds. I can disable some notification sounds in Yahoo but if I join a chat room, it automatically switched on Voice and I...


I actually just came across an utility on the WackyB chat forum that allows you to toggle voice on and...

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