How can I prepare for a good interview?

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First job interview?! I want to be as prepared as possible? help?!?

Okay so I am going to a hot topic interview and I just want to do everything right which makes me feel like I'm going to somehow mess everything up. I think I will be fine with questions they ask about me. Strengths are set. For weakness I can mention how I am sort of shy sometimes. So thats fine. I am sort of worried about being questioned on music since I know alot of bands but I dont think they are the right ones. My biggest concern really is at the end when they ask if I have any questions....


I would assume you're going to a Hot Topic retail store. The weakness of shyness might not be a sales...

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Hello everyone. i have sbi clerical interview on 28th May...can ne one help me how 2 prepare 4 the interview?

hello everyone...........i am vasanth.........i have cleared sbi clerical writter exam.......nd i have an interview on 28th may, i have no idea of how to prepare for the interview.........plzzzzzzzz help me out...........


generally questions will likely be based on your family background, knowledge and understanding in the...

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How can I better prepare for an internship interview at hedge fund?

Hello! I will be interviewing recently with the head of a 200 million hedge fund. They specialize in long short investing in global stocks. I know a lot about value investing because I have read Seth Klarman's margin of safety. I am not an outstanding...


Since you're a fresher, the head might not be asking you advanced technical questions. But yes, the...

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How can I prepare for my Microsoft interview having only two months time?

I'm doing an internship at a software company.Now I need to prepare for my placements.I'm having only two months time to prepare for Microsoft.How should I prepare?


Thanks for the A2A :) I am assuming that this question is for someone who's going to appear for their...

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How can i prepare for my first job interview!?

Im really nervous as i have a job interview in 2 days for a part time sales assistant role at the jd sports clothing retail store, what questions will i be asked? and what would be good responses to these? also how can i prepare for this? thanks


First get calm and confident. You don't want to come over too shy or insecure but also not too arrogant...

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How can i prepare myself for interview?

i am an sc) student.This is my last semester i want to prepare myself for interview.How would i prepare myself for that.


Dress proper, have a firm handshake, always tell them what THEY want to hear, tell them what your skills...

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How can I prepare for an interview for a K-6 music teacher job

Tomorrow I have an interview for a Kingdergarten through 6th grade music teacher job. I would appreciate any insight that music teachers, principals or parents could give me about preparing for this interview especially if you've ever been in a music...


I have one word for you: recorders. You need to know the latest research on how children this young...

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How do I prepare for a senior backend engineer (LAMP) interview and what sort of questions can I expect?

I'm currently an intermediate level backend engineer. I've written and shipped software products on my own (SaaS & Desktop). I have an interview that is expected to take several hours, and want to know how I can prepare for this. What questions should...


This will depend on the job description. I'd also say generally senior level developers are prepared...

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How can one prepare for an interview, if they are nervous speakers?

I just went thru an interview for a higher position within my company, and quite frankly,, I bombed. I knew the answers but because I get so nervous, I gave wrong answers, I know I must have come across as an idiot.. I am sure I will not get the position...


I am the same way ! One of the key things I can tell you is that it's very important to think about...

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Can you give me some tips on how to prepare for and how to perform in an interview?



If there's anyone here that can answer this question it's me. I have had over 20 jobs. Looks bad on...

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