How can I prevent the flu?

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How contagious is the stomach flu and how can I prevent it?

So the stomach flu has been going around my town. A handful of kids at my school got it, and my sister, who goes to an elementary school now has it. I have a HUGE fear of throwing up. I have been washing my hands constantly, and disinfecting everything... seriously, I'm going crazy! How contagious is it and can I take any more preventative measures?


there is really no such thing as the stomach flu. There are several bacteria/viruses/other pathogens...

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How can you prevent swine flu?

I've heard a lot of roomers on the news that swine flu is going global and i'm only a kid and I don't wanna die and miss out on all the opertunities in life so how do you prevent it, my mom told me that if you have blue eyes you could get swine flu and...


Wash your hands like crazy and keep them away from your face.

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How can i prevent getting the flu?

My brother just got the flu and I'm trying to prevent catching it. I take a vitamin c tablet daily. When I'm near him I covered my mouth and nose with my shirt. I drink warm tea everyday too. So what would be other ways to prevent catching it?


Flu shot. wash your hands. Try airborne.

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How can I prevent from getting the flu?

My cousin woke up and threw up this morning. She went home early as well. But I didnt wake up till she was gone. So sins I was in contact with her and shoulder to shoulder but i didnt share anything she used etc. I REALLY hope I don't get the flu. Puking...


Vomiting is NOT a symptom of influenza. So, even if you got vaccinated against it, you wouldn't be immune...

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How can i prevent having the flu?

My lil' sis has the flu right know but i have to stay healthy for this and next week for all the parties I'm having and going to how can i make my chances less likely to it the flu.


don't stay close to her. put on a dust mask if you have one and wash your hands often.

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How can i prevent the flu?

how can i prevent the flu? also when are the peaks of the virus? (i live in florida (usa)) .


Wash your hands, sanatize your phones, door knobs, light switches and remotes and stay away from sick...

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How can i prevent barfing when i have the stomach flu?

i feel it coming on as well as a sore throat and i keep burping up barf and i feel like im going to barf as well and my stomach has been upset today and my homeroom teacher just got back from the stomach flu, and now everyone feels sick how can i prevent...


You have a cup of tea with or without milk . Hot tea. There are compounds in tea which will calm your...

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How can you prevent getting the Swine Flu?

I'm terrified of getting this crap and I want to prevent it the best I can. I already use hand sanitizer everytime I do something. Should I stop going to school or what? School is only for 14 more days, but I don't want to catch the flu and die


Avoid close contact with people who are sick. Stay away from hospitals unless you're having an emergency...

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How to prevent a flu if you can feel it coming?

It feels as though i'm going to get a flu, I have a sore throat, sniffling and feel a bit tired. I know I dont totally have the flu yet because when I do i feel totally out of more


Here are some tips for boosting your immune system: **************************************... -Get enough...

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How can i prevent from getting the flu/swineflu?

there has been at least 8 9 or 10 people on my team in school who got sent home from the flu since thursday or friday. i really dont want to get it. what are some ways i could prevent from getting it?


to late if you were gonna gt it you'd already have it so just keep doing whatever you've been doing.

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