How can I put games on the PSP?

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(NEED CUSTOM FIRMWARE, unless game demos.) 1. plug psp into computer. (download games first) 2. place...

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How can i can i put torrent games on the psp?

I downloaded James Cameron AVATAR for the psp and it is a torrent and the picture is of the ares program how do i how do i make not torrent. If u have site to download game for psp more


a AVATAR , oh, it is a good one, but i have not seen it yet, en ,with a psp, en you in fact can use...

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Can someone PLEASE tell me how to put ISO games inside a psp 1000? (current fiwmare: 5.50 GEN d3?

Ever since i updated my psp, i cant play my ISO i went to a shop to downgrade my psp. But now it is in a firmware called '5.50 GEN D3'. Being a beginner in this more


Haven't messed with sony stuff since ps1. Serch for geohot might find some useful stuff.

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You are dumb. You need CFW.

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How can i put my downloaded games in the psp if there is no ISO folder?

i updated my psp with 5.50 originally 3.71 now there is no ISO folder. where should i place the downloaded games (the extension of the games are *.cso).


Go to Good luck!

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How can I put UMD psp games on a memory stick?

I have firmware 6.39 and would like to know how I can put my UMDs on a memory stick without bricking my psp. Thanks!


There's no way to do it without some risk of bricking your PSP because it requires CFW and psp_isotool...

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How do you put pics and videos on my psp?oh and i also heard u can put games on without the umd disks how?

and whare can i buy screen protectors(good ones)name brand please so i know thell work


You can download off your computer. I've seen sreen protectors on ebay.

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I hav upgrade my psp to version 5.00 how can i put games in it.?

i hav 2 games and i kept it in the memory card. and it appers tht thr r no games i ur memory card.


you should exclude yourself from the PSP community. why would you upgrade knowing that you want to illegally...

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How to put PSP GO games downloaded from PC to PSP GO?

I have downloaded psp go games in my pc. My question is how do I put those games to my psp GO by connecting my psp go to my pc by usb cable? Because we don't have a wi-fi. So I can't connect to Playstation Network Store.


u can try here put your query here different way and click search u will...

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How to put the new downloaded psp games on my psp, because there's a new format?

the games about 5 months ago were in cso or iso format and i knew how to put them on my psp now the latest game (Phantasy star portable) when winrar it comes out instead of cso or iso but in this format Psp_game and umd data, so if any1 can tell me how...


you need to upgrade ur version... get a new firmware i know some of the websites that provide free updation...

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