How can I put pictures on my aim profile?

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How do you put pictures into your AIM profile?

i want to put in a few pictures i have into my AIM buddy info (your profile your buddies can see) but im having trouble figuring out how to.


upload oi!!! OA

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How do i change my aim profile picture?

I have tried to change my picture (u know the one that pops up when u go on AIM and it says profile buddies) and i cannot change it! and its getting me really mad cuz peeple r sayin i have a big nose and i have another picture i wanna put on. i know...


So u want to change your picture? All you have to do is look on the bar at the left and I think it's...

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What are cool things to put in AIM profiles?

I always have super funny profile for my profile on AIM. I am totally out of funny quotes and those pictures make out of commas or other letters, etc. So if you know of some cool quotes or other things then tell me! But let's keep it PG. Thanks! I had...



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Good captions for facebook profile pictures?

does anyone know any good captions to put under facebook profile pictures. its a really pretty photo of me and i just want something short that doesnt sound like im up myself, i recentley got out of a relationship and i kinda want to aim it at him. thanks...


Dear when you left something. Don't look back. Move on. Aiming at him shows you still care about him...

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How come my gaia profile page won't show the pictures that I put on there.?

I have a Gaia profile on and I keep trying to put pictures on the profile but whenever I do it shows the box and then a little thing with shapes in the middle. I want to be able to put pictures though. I use Google Chrome so I don't know...


Did you save your changes after you posted the photos?

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The problem is that Yahoo! 360 is a beta (i.e. testing) service and some features do not work correctly...

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Where can i find a website where people place things to put in your AIM profile?

i am trying to find a website where people put things that were in the old profiles or new profiles from AIM that i can look at and possibly put into my AIM profile (instant messenger)


have i tried that works good i dont know if itll help :) Jennah

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How do I get pictures from my cell phone onto my computer so I can put the pictures on my Yahoo profile?

I've tried to put pictures from my cell phone on my blog page by trying to copy and paste from email and/or trying to upload/download them directly onto the page from the computer. I don't want to do anything, to where I can't save them, if need be,...


Pictures from cell phone or camera to computer (Memory Card) Remove the memory card from your phone...

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How do i make pictures from photobucket show up on my aim profile?

im on meebo (not aim) and i want to know if its possible to put actual IMAGES not just links in my meebo/aim profile can someone help me? oh and if it is possible, can you tell me how?


you can put in the links to the wont acutally show the pic

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AIM Messenger! How do you put other people's sn in your profile so when they see it, only their sn is viwed

I saw one of my friend's AIM profile Auto Response with my sn in it. She said the profile can be shown to the other people as well with their sn on it. How do you create such profile?


I believe you put in %n, which will show whoever's screenname that's viewing.

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