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How do you get pictures from like yahoo and google or aol and put it in wikipedia?

i went to wikipedia and wanted to go put a picture and i didn't know how


Use a photo sharing website like Imageshack or Photobucket.

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Is there any way I can put pictures on my computer back on to my memory card?

I dont like printing pictures off my printer because they come out really blury. so I usually take my memory card to the store(rite aid or walmart) and get my pictures printed there. I dont know how to put pictures onto a disk, which is plan B incase...


Well open the folder that your pictures are in and select the ones you want to put on the memory card...

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ITunes won't let me put all my pictures onto my iPod?

So,my aunt gave me her (fixed) old MacBook (Not the MacBook Pro or any others) I got all my pictures and songs onto my computer yesterday. Now when I go to put my pictures on my iPod, it only puts 5 pictures out of my 1376. My iPods memory isn't full...


If you get an error message from iTunes after syncing 5 photos that means the format of the remaining...

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My girlfriend put a picture of her ex up on facebook, and NEVER puts pictures of us!!?

So I started seeing this girl about 6 months ago, we are dating, and it's been awesome. I love her. But something that bothers me is that she will not put pictures up of us on her facebook. It's like she's embarassed. But she hung out with her ex boyfriend...


You need to have a talk with her, it sounds like something, something,just isn't right. Don't break...

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How do I put pictures into my iPod Classic?

I have dropped my ipod once so I restored it using iTunes. I had more than 2000 pictures beforebut after I restored they were all gone. Under Devices on iTunes, there's no Pictures. I also tried clicking Edit-Preferences (Top Menu Bar) to click on pictures...


When you connect your iPod to iTunes and click it in the left side of the iTunes window, there should...

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What Pictures Am I Legally Allowed To Put On YouTube?

What guidelines should I use re: copyrights and privacy when putting pictures on YouTube to "illustrate" my songs? I don't want to be sued or go to prison. I am starting to "illustrate" my songs so that my YouTube videos will be actual...


Go to flickr and do an Advanced Search in Everyone's Uploads using the Creative Commons filter. It will...

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If you have 2 pictures in my pictures jpeg how do you put 1 picture in or onto the other.?

If you have 2 pictures in "my pictures" jpeg operating system just before Vista (the professional one), how do you put 1 picture into or onto the other? Say you have shrunken one picture (resized it) to have it sitting within another picture...


You can do that in Paint. Open both images. Take your donor image and right click select all, right...

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How do I get pictures from my cell phone onto my computer so I can put the pictures on my Yahoo profile?

I've tried to put pictures from my cell phone on my blog page by trying to copy and paste from email and/or trying to upload/download them directly onto the page from the computer. I don't want to do anything, to where I can't save them, if need be,...


Pictures from cell phone or camera to computer (Memory Card) Remove the memory card from your phone...

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What Kind Of Pictures Should I Put On My Walls?

So my walls in my room need pictures on them lol My walls are a bight green with blue on them & i want to put up pictures or something that looks like art work or really good photography I like pictures of cities at night & the skyline &...


When it comes to decorating a room, especially hanging pictures, this is really down to personal preference...

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Why can't I put pictures onto my DVD-R disc!?

Okay, so I have two Maxell DVD-R discs in front of me. They are both from the same pack, and both say they can hold 4.7GB of data (meaning music OR pictures, etc.) I've used both discs before, on this specific computer, putting pictures on them, but...


Hi The file types must be different on each disc and your setting for open with are not the same for...

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