How can I reinstall yahoo mail icon?

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how to reinstall yahoo mail? | Yahoo Answers

How to reinstall yahoo mail? ... How can i reinstall yahoo mail icon? More questions. Reinstalling yahoo mail classic? How do I reinstall Yahoo mail?

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How do I reinstall the print icon and the page icon on my Yahoo e-mail page?

If I want to copy an e-mail that I receive and paste in it too another e-mail, I no longer have that icon on the mail page. Their is no longer a print icon either. How do I find them to re-install them.


Those options were never on your Yahoo Mail page, they're on your toolbar. Look at the lowest toolbar...

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On what Platform Francis ? Mac? Windows? Linux?

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Problems with IE6 and Yahoo Mail box?

I use system XP. I upgraded to IE7 but due to a lot of problems, deleted it via the control panel add/delete and got back to IE6. When using Yahoo, I cannot open my mail box by using the tool bar icons on the menu bar or by clicking open mail box shortcuts...



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How do I get a mail icon on desktop?

I've inadvertently removed yahoo.mail from my COMPUTER and need to reinstall it. I also need the mail icon on desktop. How do I reinstall all of this?


Yahoo mail can't be removed. It is a website If you want an icon on your desktop...

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When I open my yahoo mail I get a pop up from wallmart gift card, How do I get this pop up out?

The only time this pops up is when I hit the mail icon on my yahoo home page. I have run McAfee and Webroot antivirus programs and they do not detect this pop up, is there a cure or do I have to uninstall yahoo and reinstall it to get rid of this pop...


Although pop-ups and other ads help pay for free sites like Yahoo, they are a bother to us all. Block...

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i have to use my orginial CD to reinstall my operating system n now i have no YAHOO MAIL ICON. how do i get it back. using VISTA


You can try clicking on Start and then right-click on Yahoo and click send to, then desktop.

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OE is my default E-mail. How can I get IE 7 to go to OE and not Yahoo Mail when I press the Mail icon?

Internet Explorer 6 had a mail icon that would take you to your default E-Mail. Internet Explorer 7 added a Yahoo toolbar with a mail icon that takes you to Yahoo Mail and not the default. How do I get the mail icon to take me to my default Outlook Express...


If the Mail icon isn't on Internet Explorer 7 toolbar, right click on the toolbar and on the menu that...

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I cannot open my mail from the mail icon on my desktop and i can not get the yahoo mail icon?

i previously had the yahoo mail icon on my desktop and after having trouble with YIM, i reinstalled YIM. Now I cannot open my mail by clicking on the "new mail" notice and my yahoo mail icon is no longer on my desktop. any help will be greatly...


I have been having the same problem all day today. It seems like the server is timing out every time...

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My Yahoo toolbar was changed without asking and now I've got the My Apps icon and the Mail icon has drop arro?

When you click the mail dropdown arrow I get a sort of mail preview. In that preview window if I click go to Yahoo Mail \it take me there but after I read mail and click back arrow it won/t go back to my home page. If I don't click on down arro but main...


When you click on the drop-down menu from the Y! Toolbar Mail app then click on the "Go to Y! Mail...

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