How can I remove white noise/static from a video on my digital camera?

Let’s learn how can I remove white noise/static from a video on my digital camera. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Is there a way to remove moisture from in between video camera lenses?

My mother-in-law has a JVC video camera that has moisture build up on the inside of the lens. Is there a way to remove that moisture? Thanks!


take it to a shop and have them gut it. put the whole camera into a large jar with dessicant packages...

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Is there a way to remove background noise from a video recording on a camera?

well i went to a concert and want to remove or filter some voices in the crowd which i can tell is a different frequency than the noise from the singers well if this helped my camera is a sony dsc-w100 with 8.1 mega pixels


You can try a "notch" filter and try different frequencies, but remember the music performance...

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I need a free easy program that gets rid of camera shake. I don't have a tripod. I have an acer computer and I'm using microsoft software. PLEASE help it would mean so much!!


Free's doable, but easy isn't. Have a look at Deshaker - it's free and it does a good job, but you'll...

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What's the best way to remove the background sound of a camera from my video?

There seems to be a slight hum that I don't want. I want to amplify the sound of the person speaking in my video without amplifying the hum. So how can I get rid of it?


You should manipulate with the frequency equalizer. Test at which frequency this hum is and minimize...

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Help me edit a specific sound out of a home video (DV-AVI)

Is there free video editing software that can edit audio as well? If so, how do I remove a specific sound from my video? I was planning on asking for suggestions on video editing software, but I realized that's been covered and it's not really specific...


What OS are you using? On Linux, Kino and Cinelerra are both nice apps (the former is friendlier than...

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How do i remove the titles pic video and off my video clips?

when i record a short video clip on my camera then load it onto my comp it automaitcally puts the titles pic video on the top of the clip and on the bottom of the clip how do i remove those titles so it is just the video with no titles showing...


The viewer you are using is from This is where you get to when you put...

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Is there anyway to remove the audio from a regular video file?

I am shooting a music video from a song I just recorded yesterday, I would like to put the audio on this song on Windows movie maker and add a video for the track, with a regular house hold camera, in this case i'm using a FlipHD, but the thing is I...


If you have Movie Maker for XP or Vista, you can mute the original audio track by going to Timeline...

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I recorded a video on a dvd recorder, but the video information is on top of the video. Any way to remove?

The camera's information is recorded on top of the DVD.. (Record light blinking, date and time and all.) Is there a way to remove this? It's a wedding video, so it definitely more


If it is part of the video, the only way to remove it is a frame by frame removal of the elements that...

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My video camera is protected?

Hi! I got a Sony HDV-1000e video camera. It got 1080i, aka HD. But when I try to record it on a computer, it seems like it can't get connection/it is protected when I choose HDV, but it works fine with normal bad quality DV. Screenshots when I try to...


On most sd cards, there is a little switch that prevents files on the card from being edited.

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