How can I turn around the image of a video?

Let’s learn how can I turn around the image of a video. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How do You charge/turn on Sharper Image U Video camera?

well we got a u video camcorder and we cant figure out how to CHARGE/TURN IT ON!! please help! 10 pts. best answer!


i just got this for an xmas present and seeing your question made me open it up right now. its very...

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Can an image on my video burn into screen if don't turn it off?

I have a picture on my PC screen I would like to leave on at all times. I have a 6 year old Dell video. Would that image burn into my screen if I leave it on at all times? I don't want to use a screen saver as my video has some issues with shutting down...


If you have a CRT monitor you can get "burn in" from having a stationary image on all the...

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Answer: free one

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How do I turn video into an animated gif image?

Okay, so I recently got adobe photoshop cs4. I've seen tutorials on how to make video into an animated gif file with photoshop, but all the tutorials i've seen are for older versions of photoshop&they don't help me with this version. I already have...


I've got CS3, and I'm pretty sure there's a way to make Animated Gifs. ... But I still haven't figured...

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I took a video of waterfalling sideways.Portrait image...Can I turn it to landscape?

I was not aware that images cannot be linked and turned like you can turn images...and my wonderful waterfall is falling sideways. Is there anyway of turning it back to landscape as I am never returning to that waterfall....and am so annoyed. I tried...


Wow, What a great solution. I tried, I failed, so I'll never try again. That's not the way to do things...

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How do you turn a video into a still image?

i have this videos but i just want to upload it onto the computer and make still images by like pushing pause or something. How do i do this??


Most video players such as Win DVD or Power DVD have a "Capture" button that you can use to...

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Turn image into video onclick?

I'm making a webpage with youtube videos. I want the videos to appear as thumbnail images, and then when the user clicks on them, the video itself plays. I don't want it to be a link to another page; I want it to open in the same page without reloading...


You'll need to do this in JavaScript and CSS. Put both elements on the page and make the video container...

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How do i turn this image/loop/video into my screen saver? i run windows vista. is there any way to convert this and save it?


You need a video converter that supports many formats and batch conversion. I know a video converter...

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The problem could be the screen or other hardware in the video. Have a qualified technician take a look...

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How do I download a video from Youtube and turn parts of the video into images (Please Help)?

If you want, you can explain to me how to do it OR you can give me a link to a website that can show me how to do this. 1.) I want to know how to download videos from youtube and have them on my computer. 2.) I want to know how to take snap shots of...


Well first off if you know where your temporary internet files are than you already have the youtube...

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