How can I turn my dual sub box into a single sub box?

Let’s learn how can I turn my dual sub box into a single sub box. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How do i hook up my leds on my sub box so they turn on?

I have a Pyle 12 led dual bandpass plexiglass enclosure powered by a rockford fosgate amp. i would like to know how i turn on the leds.


Connect the neg wire to the negative term on the amp or whatever ground you have. Connect the positive...

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certainly you can put a sub in your bed. By box spring, I would assume that you're talking about the...

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They are traditionally pointed towards the back of the trunk so the reflection can amplify the sound...

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The are no specific listing for what would happen but I'm sure it wouldn't be good for the speakers.

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Infinity Reference 611a and ohm load? Closed box vs Open box? one or 2 subs?

I have an Infinity Reference 611a amplifier and i want to put 2 subs up to it. The specifications say that the amp runs at 456 watts RMS on 1 channel at 4 ohms, or 657 watts RMS on 1 channel at 2 ohms. There are 2 speaker wire outputs on the amp and...


be careful, those Infinity Ref amps get real hot. the w3 is a beautiful sub for a person that likes...

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How do I power the lights in my sub box?

I bought a jbl sub that has built in lights and it has positive and negative terminals in the back for powering them. The problem is that there is no mention on how to power them. Can I daisy chain a cable going from the Amp + to the lights. I also found...


do not by any means hook the lights up to the speaker terminals that will blow the amp up over time...

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Alpine Type X 12" Sub Box Design?

Ok, so I've asked on here a few times and still havn't solved my problem, I have a single 12" Type X hooked up to an Alpine PDXM12 1200 watt amp. I hit 142.5 db at a competition so I am not complaining or trying to mess with it too much, but here...


you would need to build a new box tuned to a lower frequency... but lower tuning will result in lower...

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Sub box loosing loudness ?

Hey hows it going ? Like ive asked before when I turn my subs up pretty loud they seem to lose the loudness and the bump and become a rumble. My gain is all set right. But what I was thinking is remembering my sub box has the two subs sharing the space...


There is a limit on how fast the cone can move. The louder it is the farther it moves back and forth...

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Why is my sub rattling when i turn it up????

its not the boot or n e thing else in or on my car......the sub rattles (the cone i believe) wen i turn the volume up,,,its a ported box,,,,(n no it wasnt made for that sub) more


Maybe it's time for a new sub. That magnet may have become loose. You already said the box wasn't made...

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Why does my sub hit when i turn on the power to my car?

I have a 12 in Alpine Type R and I was wondering who every time i turn my car on my sub makes a loud bump.. I have my remote wire running from my amp to my windshield wiper fuse in the fuse box and i was wondering if that would have anything to do with...


the amp you have does not have the "soft turn on " feature.. so if you cant deal with the...

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