How can I turn my idea into a product?

Let’s learn how can I turn my idea into a product. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Make a design, Draw it as best as you can and make sure it is understandable and then find a producer...

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How to turn my idea into product with do-it all company?

hello , so i have a new idea for a product , but i dont really have the money to sent on it , so i was reading about "do it all companies " that are legit and will take your idea if sounds promising make it and pay you a % of what the product...


before you give your good idea to another company to develop you need tp patent or copy write it for...

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How do I turn an idea for a product that people will only buy once into a sustainable business?

I have identified a huge need for a product and developed that product. I strongly believe it would do well in retail in big stores like Ikea. However, this is also something I think people will only need to buy once, or at least once every several years...


People only need funerals once. Research how the funeral industry sells their service.

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How do you turn a product idea into your initial wireframes?

Say you've got an idea for what a web product should do, and want to turn into concrete screens and interactions. How do good designers approach the process?


Todd's answer says a good deal about the context around making wireframes and I agree with all those...

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How do you turn an idea for a product into something real?

If you have a great idea for a product but don't know what to do next and don't exactly have a lot of money, what should you do? And how do you know the difference between real publishing companies and hoaxes who steal your ideas?


Associations may be a good avenue to explore. These organizations will address many of the thoughts...

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Could a bad idea turn into a successful business or product? How?

Which is the same as asking will you go ahead even if the idea doesn't attract too much positive traction?


If it turns into a successful business or product then isn't it, by definition, not a bad idea? I agree...

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Who will turn my idea into a product?

I invented some thing, but I don't know who can make my product. Which company can I give my ideas to build it and then I can sell it in the market? If there is a company, do I just need to give the drawing and they will make the product and give it...


"Hi" may wish to explore getting a "patent" first ,and to this endeavour...

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What kind of factors  do we need to think to turn a idea into a product?

when i come up a idea,what do i need to think about to make it turn into a product?what should i do?


Figure out what the most minimalistic version of your idea is that still has the core value to it. Then...

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I am working on an idea for a full mouth toothbrush and was wondering, how to go about connecting with a larger company to turn the idea into a product?

I am an individual inventor so I have no one else behind me on this.   I could really use some insight on this dilemma.


(1) Quirky is one way to go about this: How Quirky Works   (2) Another option is to go direct to the...

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