How can I repair a wireless adapter?

Let’s learn how can I repair a wireless adapter. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Super User.

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Why can't I repair my wireless connection?

I have a problem with my wireless adapter that's difficult to pin down. I have trouble accessing several wireless networks -- thankfully not my home one, but virtually everything else (at coffee shops, on long bus trips, etc). My computer recognizes the networks and lists them, but when I try to connect I consistently get the 'Limited or No Connectivity' treatment. Basically, any WiFi area is a no-go, and it is getting annoying. My previous solution for this kind of thing was to 'repair' the wireless...


My current experience with the XP wireless trouble shooter is that it's about as much use as a chocolate...

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How to repair laptop adapter.Its wire has been stretched so i want to open it and repair it.?

my adaptors wire are stretched so i want to open the adapter and repair it .But it does not have screws..So i am get confused how to open it .. i know shouldering ...but for it its necessary to open the adapter... so please help me how to open the adapter...


I can not advise dealing with any power adapter or transformer. They have capacitors and may be dangerous...

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Can I use electrical tape to repair broken AC/DC adapter?

My dog has chewed through the cable on my modem adaptor. Can I repair it using electrical tape? I don't know if you need to know this, but the adapter outputs 7.5V DC 500mA.


Been there and done that. If you want a more neat job, use heat shrink. You will need 2 sizes, a smaller...

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I have a wireless adapter that as of ~2 months ago will not allow me to repair/disable. Any suggestions?

It is a version 4 wpc54g wireless card. I get a message that says something to the effect that there might be certain protocols that won't allow plug and play or possibly another system user logged on. To my knowledge I am the only user


Take out the wireless adapter from usb port and restart computer. Go into IE under tools, and click...

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There are many issues that could affect your wireless connection. Try letting Windows troubleshoot the...

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What can I use to repair the exposed wire on my laptop's adapter cord?

I tried using electrical tape on it, but it just melted off. Is there a special kind of tape I can use besides that?


You should replace it as soon as possible but you can wrap it with black electrical tape if you must...

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Is there a way to repair my ac adapter?

Input is 120v, Output is 9v. Someone was running across the room and snapped the cord in half. I could probably strip the plastic insulation and twist the wires back together. It snapped close to where the "black box" is. The black box part...


no power in side if unplugged your on the right track to fixing it.

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Is it safe to repair ECU using OBD II adapter and Torque android app?

I own a Maruti Suzuki Swift Diesel and its check light is on, the mechanic says there is something wrong with the ECU. So, is it safe to use OBD II adapter and the torque app with it.


It is perfectly "safe", however other than reading and resetting codes and monitoring the...

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There are no remedies to restore the capacity of a laptop battery when worn out. You would need to purchase...

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oil leakIt takes about 1 to 1.5 hours. I just replaced my gasket doe to an oil leak that appeared to...

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