How can I set a wireless camera to record on my computer?

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Is there a way to set up a digital camera to record video from your computer and record sound from a mic?

I have a digital camera that records video but the sound quality isn't good. Is there a way to plug it in to my laptop and set it up to where it records video onto the computer while recording sound from a mic? I plan on making drum covers and I need...


There seems to be no way to set up the cam like this... Good luck!

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What's the easiest/cheapest way to set up a home surveillance camera that will notify me and stream video for remote viewing/recording if somebody enters my home while I'm gone?

What is the easiest, cheapest, most effective way for me to set up a single motion-triggered surveillance camera at home to verify whether I have a creepy situation going on while I'm gone? If triggered, I want it to alert me remotely, stream video for...


I found the X10 stuff to be fairly infuriating to use, but perhaps I'm just an idiot (it didn't help...

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How do I go about setting up a computer security camera?

Could a novice person be able to set up a computer wired/wireless security camera device? I want to set up several cameras in my house wirelessly connected to my computer that can record and I can watch if I want to "off site" with another...


Wireless system packages may be the way to go here...a bit pricey any way you look @ it. Google for...

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How can I set up a home surveillance camera?

I want to set up a home surveillance camera to record 24hrs a day what it sees. I want it to save the videos into a computer, every day would b a separate video file. Is this possible? If yes, what would be the cheapest surveillance camera to buy? Any...


Yes it is possible. Go to best buy or circuit city. You can even try walmart. They should come in kits...

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How do you record halo 3 through video camera?

hi guys i'm sorry about not knowing much about this however if possible please make your answer as detailed as possible as i'm not very technological savy. Ok well i would like to record halo 3 on my xbox 360 onto my video camera and then to put onto...


take the outputs of your xbox, the ones that go into your tv and put it into your camera. you'll probably...

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My dads camera has little dvds to record on how do i connect it to my destop computer?

OK my dads camera is a dolby digital stero creator dvd r/rw r dl and it has little dvds the size of a Game Cube Game and i want to know how to connect it to the computer without any connecters to the computer. the only thing that the camera that came...


I think this is the kind of DVD that we use in our Sony Camcorder and they fit right into a standard...

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I have a wireless security camera, is there a computer program so I can record it onto my computer as a video?

SVAT WSE201 Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Color Night Vision Security Camera System with Audio I don't want to go buy a VCR and record it onto tape. Is there a way to record the video directly to my computer...i.e. a program that will record from the camera...


This question belongs in the camcorder group.

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Will a firewire connected to a computer and a camera record live time?

I want to record something that will take a long time. If i have the video camera connected to my computer with a firewire, will i be able to record from the video camera and it will go straight to my computer? If so, will i still only have the 1 hour...


If you can find a video capture program that can recognize your camera when it's plugged into the firewire...

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I purchased a computer that has a camera installed on it how do I set my computer camera to view my web cam?

How do I set my computer camera to view my web cam when I am in messenger so that I can see the person I am talking to while I am in messenger


If you're asking how to broadcast your webcam you go to "messenger" tab at the top of the...

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Can you attach a camera for security purpose to your computer and record?

I am not home much, but would like to be able to record what goes on outside my home when I am not there. I did have an outside camera attached to a VCR recorder and it would tape up to 6 hours, but that recorder broke. If at all possable, I would like...


this depends on how elaborate you want to get with your setup. there is a local shop here that sells...

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