How can I get a copy of my permanent school record?

Let’s learn how can I get a copy of my permanent school record. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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There's no such as "your permanent record." Each school keeps some records on its students...

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That's totally up to your HS. They 'usually' will supply records but diplomas ??? maybe. Give them a...

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It may depend on your state laws, but you should be able to request a copy of that from the school office...

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Do you have to have immunization record to join a school even for kindergarten?

I know of a doctor who says that you don't need to have one and there is no law that mandates that one has to have a immunization record for entering any school. However, my son is going to be in kindergarten next year and they are asking us for his...


Legally, public schools cannot mandate vaccination for a child in their system. Private schools can...

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I Got a speeding ticket and I did traffic school, last year. Somehow its still on my record. What can I do?

I'm in California. I remember mailing in the certificate of completion for traffic school and trusting that the courthouse would receive it and not put the violation on my record. A year later after I forgot all about it and thought everything was fine...


There is NOTHING you can do. It's your responsibility to make sure the court receives your proof of...

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Will it go on your record if you get in trouble for getting electronics taken away at school?

My school is having a talent show and my friends and I can't go to each other's houses every single day to practice for our dance routine so we practice at break time. In order to practice, my friends had asked me to bring my PSP to school and use it...



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Where can I get a copy of deed(land record)?

Does it call Trusted Deed? I am trying to get a copy of deed for my parent's house to check if the lien against has cleared? They paid off a long time ago but not sure if they ever received a paid off letter from the mortgage company. Will the truested...


A copy of the deed, which you can get at your local courthouse, won't tell you if a lien has been satisfied...

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Where can i get my voting record and copy of voter registration?

today i just got back from my N-400 Neutralization test/interview. i passed everything, but there is one thing tat put my application on hold. u see, A LONG TIME AGO, i registered to vote without knowing that you have to be a citizen to vote. after i...


county where you registered

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I need a copy of a current property tax bill from my landlord to show the school, where can I get a copy?

My landlord can't find the property tax bills. Is there another way to get verification or a copy from the county in order to show proof to the school that taxes are being paid at this rental home?


You've probably got a couple options... 1. Wait 3 months and the landlord will get another bill for...

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How do l get a copy of my high school diploma if the school has been closed to a couple years?

I am looking for a way to get a copy of my high school diploma for a job but the school has been closed for a couple years?


contact the board of education in that school district.

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