Can I get a copy of a will?

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If the will went thru probate you can get a copy from your county courthouse.

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Can I get a copy of a will already read in North Carolina?

A relative passed away a couple of years ago, I was sent a copy of the will and was given what was left to me. . I recently found the will in my desk and read it only to realize that there were paragraphs apparently omitted and pages missing from the...


After wills are opened they are kept on file in your county estate division. My father passed away ...

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Can I get a copy of a will if I am mentioned in it? what action can I take?

My grandfather died in 2005, and I was only 19 at the time. My parents showed me a copy of his will, and my cousin, brother, and I are named in it. I wasn't allowed to read the entirety of the document, and when I questioned it, my parents assured me...


Yes, there are things you can do, even if the will has been probated. But you need a wills / probate...

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Where can I get a copy of Final Fantasy IX in Singapore?? I will pay a good price for a good copy PLEASE HELP!

Will pay good price for copy of Playstation game Final Fantasy IX. Must be in good condition, I don't care whether it's second hand or not.


seriously, look on ebay. this is not a market forum.

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How quickly can you get a copy of a will after someone dies?

So if someone has died do the solicitors or whoever send you a copy of the will left behind? If so how quickly can you get the will if everything is ok with it? Like everything is legit with it..


The executor of the will gets it then summons all parties involved to a reading of the will. This normally...

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How can I get a copy of my Grandmother's will?

I was informed I was named in my grandmother's will. My grandmother died in 2005, I am not sure when her estate went into probate. My step mother just informed me I was named in it, but my uncle took the estate and items for himself. How can I get a...


Either call, or visit the county courthouse where your grandmother was a legal resident. They will advise...

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How fast can I get a certified copy of my birth certiicate from Puerto Rico? Will it be in English and Spanish

I applied for an expedited passport with my original birth certificate from Puerto Rico. I just found out today that everything's delayed because my certificate is in Spanish. Now the passport people have KEPT my original certificate and I have to request...


You can mail your application along with money orders. This is the application form: http://www.salud...

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How can get a copy of a will from my family?

I have a problem with a family member who will not let me see my deseased Father's will. I do not know the name of the attorney who drew up the will. I think this famly member is draining my inheritance. The family member is my mother,his former wife...


Talk to the executor of the estate. Just because there is a will, doesn't mean you're going to inherit...

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How can I get a copy of my mother's will from my sister?

My mother died 4/24/2011. My older sister has my Mother's will. She told me my youngest sister and I weren't in the will so we didn't need to have a copy. My Mother more


contact the probate court where her will was submitted. I think they are public. Otherwise, contact...

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Does anyone know where i can get a free copy of the "my heart will go on" sheet music?

i need a copy of the sheet music for my heart will go on


get a midi file ...if you dont have a midi file but have an mp3 file with My heart will go on.... go...

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