Where can I download a copy of a live in foreign caregiver contract?

Let’s learn where can I download a copy of a live in foreign caregiver contract. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Does anyone know where I can download a copy of a live in foreign caregiver contract?

Is there a copy anywhere for thie foreign live in caregiver contract rquired by HRDC Canada that I can download?


Here you go: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/work/caregi…

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I want to know if it this true or scammed?

Attention Dear, MY name is STAN BANKOVIC a Russain Citizen working with ATT INTERNATIONAL UK, a reputable COMMUNICATION Company in the United Kingdom. I working as the Project Manager in the Company. We have received your contact details from www.Naukrigulf...


You don't get anything for nothing, , it's a scam do not answer do not give personal information.The...

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I've got a job offer from british glass uk. i have doubt about it.can you just give me a suggestion?

i have got one job offer letter which is from british glass uk they ask me to get eligibility certificate from UK Home Office..i have doubt about it..i think its a scam. two days before they sent me some interview questions and i answered well. they...


100% scam. There is no job and no legit company called that name. Any phone number that starts with...

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I am a temporary foreign contract worker and i want to apply as live in caregiver would it be a good decision?

is it a high risk or impossible from temporary foreign contract worker (food counter attendant) to live in caregiver or nanny??? please help me... thank you very much and God ...show more


Not in the US ... but you don't state country

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The Xbox will download the game straight to your Xbox. You will not receive a disk. You are in luck.

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I have a contract saying I am part owner in a company, but dont have a copy of the co. contract w?

I have contract saying I am a 50% owner of a company called . Me and My partner or co owner have a another contract with the company that pays us. The company that pays us is a licensed esco called . We need them to sell the energy contracts. We sighned...



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Gym did not supply copy of contract?

I signed a contract with a gym and they did not provide a copy of the contract nor did they tell me that I had three days to cancel the membership. I tried to cancel on the fourth day, then was told my only option was to change the contract. I signed...


so...... you signed a blank piece of paper that didnt say anything about the contents of the actual...

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How can i change the rental contract if i am the landlord ?

i have a rental house that i rented to 2 men using a standerd rental contract, and i did not specifie anything in the contract like no pets, no subleters, no extended visitors, no people making drug buys, no felons that the landlord does not no living...


Well, you can file for eviction the moment the rent is late. Apart from that the contract is the contract...

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Can the landlord sue me even if I do not live in the apt and I told him to take me off the contract?

My bf's brother was living in this apt with his gf for a yr and their contract was up and she was moving back to Japan. But my bf's bro wanted to continue living there but his credit isn't good. So he asked me to sign the contract.I didn't want to do...


Yes, he can. You signed a binding contract and you are legally obligated and held accountable for it...

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Find copy of Elvis Contract or similar for me! ** for Clouseau-ga ONLY! **

Hi Clouseau; I have found a unique singer/entertainer here in Kingston Jamaica and wish to offer him an immediate contract whereby I will take him back to Australia and manage all his business and entertainment affairs on the world stage etc. I see...


Hello Roger, Good for you and your new found talent! I'll look forward to hearing him. The following...

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