How can I save a video?

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How can I save a video I made with the PS3 Eye to a flash drive?

I have a video of my daughter that I made with my PS3 Eye. I'm trying to save it to a USB drive or an external hard drive, but I can't get it to work. Everytime I go to the video and select copy I get a message that says "Connect storage device at the save destination." Any ideas?


It depends on what type of flashdrive you have. You need a 4 gb to 8 gb flashdrive, with the Fat32 operating...

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How can i save a video that a friend made for me on Facebook?

A friend of mine made a really nice video for me by recording a video on the video feature on Facebook and posting it on my wall. I want to save this video so does anyone know how I can take the video he made on my wall and turn it into a file that can...


If you use Firefox I recommend you download an addon VideoDownloadHelper. It's great and you can download...

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How i can save Video from video cam (tape) to my PC?

i recorded a video on my video cam but now i want to save this video to my PC , How i can save it to my PC (conections & Software) or what...


Depends on the type of video cam you have. However, you should be able to find a solution with StashSpace...

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How can I only save the audio from a youtube video?

There is a youtube video with a video that I want to change.I am trying to convert it into only audio format then upload it as a youtube video with my own image. This was harder than I thought. Whenever I save it to my computer and upload it as a youtube...


i know Moyea youtube converter can do it very well,because i have the same needs with you.and i am using...

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How can i save video clips in my documents / my videos already edited on Story board using Windows Movie Maker?

I have cut my video clips into desirable sizes onto the Story board/Time line, but would wish to store or save them as well in another location such as: My Documents or My Videos other than the WMM Project. How can i easily transfer them from the Windows...


1 Do a save-as and save them with a different name to where ever you want. 2 Do not move or delete your...

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How can i save a video i record with my flip video

it doesn't give me a save option when i try to save a video on my flip video and when i turn it off i cant see them. also when i connect it to my computer the videos i recorded are also gone.


The bigger question is, are the videos even showing up on your camcorders memory on your computer? Load...

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I need to save the videos so I can transfer it into my mp4 player.the instructions say to put the video in the MVideo file but but every time i save it and i go to my mp4 it says it doesn't have any files i even copied it on windows media player but...


not sure which brand of player you have. may need a firmware update on it. contact the manufacturer...

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How can i save mms://

how can i save this video that does not have an extension. i am able to view the video with windows media and real and i tried to go to the properties of the video and cannot figure the format of it. here is the link again mms://


download Winamp file play url enter url in the player,right click select add to...

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How can I save a video from my video camera onto my computer?

I am going to upload a video on youtube, but first I need to save the video to my computer, how do i do that? Thank you! My camera is a Sony Wide LCD thank you:)


do you have a memory card like a SanDisk SD or SDHC Card with a SD or SDHC Card Reader... If you have...

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How can I get WMM to save my video in avi or wmv format?

I am very frustrated. I am using windows movie maker 2.6 and i cannot save my video in another format. I have tried everything. I have raised my virtual memory and i have split the movie into many different parts. When I try to save my movie as anything...


If you dont know how to use this converter,why not choice a better easy use and powerfull video converter...

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