How do I save a video from a CD to a computer?

Let’s learn how do I save a video from a CD to a computer. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How do you save a video CD to your computer??

its a recorded clip that i put onto a dvd disc. there is no FILE or SAVE AS link. and since its on a dvd disc there is no right click. i found out how to save a freeze frame, but i want to know how to save the whole thing. PLEASE HELP. its a special video to me


Okay, hopefully I can help you out. 1) Put the DVD into your drive and go to My Computer. 2) Right-click...

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How do you save a video from a homemade cd onto your computer without taking the video off the cd?

When I click the copy and paste on the video file while the disk is in, the video saves into two files as "audio" and "video". So I can't play the video more


Your video is in DVD format like Video_TS and Audio_TS. You can use dvd ripping software to rip the...

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How will i save a video on a CD at my computer?

to make it more clear. I have this cd which contains a video of our recital. I want to put and save it to my computer so i can upload it at youtube for my friends and family to see. more


You just copy that into your Hard Disk.. To upload into youtube you have to register and then you can...

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How do I save a video from a CD to my computer?

It's a video I made in Media Productions class and I want to get it on my computer. I've tried dragging and dropping,but the folder is just empty and there is no option to save it.


As you are talking about copying the data from the DVD use this software or any dvd ripper s/w. After...

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We are already working on that Question for you and will send your Answer soon!

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How do i save a video cd onto my desktop?

i went to six flags and got a video of me and my friend free falling off the sky devil thing and i want to save it on the computer but cant figure it out. i tried copy and pasting it but when i try opening the new copy it says cant load DLL/AX. is there...


There's many ways to do this. One way I did it I have a program. Go on YouTube you will find many use...

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Getting Video from Hard Drive to CD

I have a hard drive full of video and no DVD burner. How do I put the video onto CD? These are in bin/cue and avi format and hover around the magic 700MB mark (some a little higher some a little lower). I know this is just the sort of thing one should...


duck, what CD burning software are you using? You should look for options related to overburning in...

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I can't save a video from my computer onto a DVD?

I have a sony dvd camcorder. I have transferred a video onto my computer using windows movie maker, I can save the video onto a CD to play back on my computer, but I wanted to save it to a DVD so i can give it as a pressie, I have tried saving it to...


What does the error message say?

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How do i save videos that are on my mini dvd to my computer?

I have a hitachi BX35a and i was able to get the videos that are saved on the mini cd which is called the mini DVD-R to open in widows media player on my computer, but i have no idea how to save the videos. Like ive tried many things (to long to list...


try Wondershare video to dvd burner Convert and burn all popular videos to DVDs easily and fast Convert...

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Save a youtube video on your computer?

is it possible to save a video from youtube or google videos or any site on your computer or transfer it on a CD?


this will help you... use 'zillatube' it is the easiest (and also the fastest) way. Zillatube easily...

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