How do I set a video as a picture?

Let’s learn how do I set a video as a picture. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How to set picture style for making video on Canon EOS 550D?

I'm trying to make a video, but I want to make it with the picture style I just downloaded. I've tried it when I took pictures, but when I changed it to 'Video' mode, it just wouldn't allow me to set it and when I found out to set it from the Menu, all...


Put the camera in movie mode. Press the "Q" (quick menu) button, just to the left and above...

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Where can I purchase a professional T.V. set / Motion Picture video camera ?

The same video cameras the tv & film industry use. For example when t.v. shows like seinfield & other t.v. shows end & you see those large cameras that is used when it pans back from the sitcom's set to the live audiance & in film. I...


try or

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That's a great question! I recommend reading the following Yahoo! Mail Help article "Share Flickr...

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You should connect to a LCD TV that can work in 1080i (not 1280i) and then you can set it back to normal...

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Your problem could be with the cable (be it HDMI or AV) or it could be the PS3 itself. Buy new cables...

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How do you set up/connect an Insignia converter box when there is a video/DVD box involved?

I have the converter box and i was able to get it work on a regular TV (no video/DVD box). When i try to set it up using the instructions in the User Guide for it for the video/DVD wiring, i can't get it to work. There is no picture and so i try tuning...


1) connect your antenna to the RF input on the Insignia 2) then connect the RCA cables (yellow, red...

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How to get best picture quality from PC to TV set?

I would like to connect my windows media computer to my tv set. The only problem is that my tv set is rather old and only has the coaxial connection along with the RCA jacks(white, yellow, red). What is the best way to go about doing this to get the...


if you've only got the composite video connection, you're pretty much screwed for getting a decent picture...

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