How do I set a personal picture as my default in Yahoo?

Let’s learn how do I set a personal picture as my default in Yahoo. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How do i set my picture as my default?

for my yahhoo profile. i uploaded my picture but i wanna know how to set it as my default?


Since you've already uploaded your picture... • Click here:

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I need help please. I have a default picture set on my yahoo 360?

How can I use that picture instead of my avatar? Please any advice would be helpful


In Yahoo! Answers, go to My Profile. Click on Edit My Info (this is just below the Public view of my...

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How Do I Set My Avatar To My Default Picture On Yahoo?

Im A Bit New To This! Help Please.


1st one for a pic, second for an avatar. Click on view my profile. Double click on your picture or avatar...

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Click on "My Profile" under your Hi name in the upper left of your yahoo mail page to open...

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How do I set Yahoo! Mail as my default E-Mail client! (LONG)!!!?

I am running Windows Vista Home Premium using Messenger version 9, although I have tried installing previous versions of 8.X from and those versions are also giving me the same trouble)! But let's stick to 9 as that is the version I'm...


Sorry Scott, I can't help you-----BUT-----I did want to thank you for this posting. It's full of information...

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How do you set a picture of [MJ] as yer default?????? helppp?

It may seem like a really dumb ? n im kinda new 2 yahoo answers..... um iWanted 2 take a picture from like the internet or wherever u get it from and set it as my default pic, not the cartoon avatar but iWanted 2 but a picture of mj as my default can...


- Search for an image of MJ on the Internet. For example, you can use a site like Google Images (http...

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How can you set your avatar as your default picture?

im trying to set my avatar picture as my default picture so that when i sign in to yahoo, i could see it there. how do i do that?


I see you already have an Avatar, so check steps 9 and 10 below. CREATE AN AVATAR: Rest your mouse on...

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How do I set this picture as my Yahoo Avatar?… I basically did all the steps it said and I don't know why it's not working. When I go to " Set as yahoo 360 profile default " or whatever. It comes up as the picture on my 360 profile, but it...


Give it 24 hours. There is some delay since Yahoo is working on the system. ɦ ə l ʞ ...

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Hey guys, I changed my photo on my yahoo profile but I can't set it as my picture?

I already set it as my default picture on my yahoo profile but it doesn't show the picture on Answers? have I done something wrong? Also, I already checked 5 minutes later, no picture.


As long as you successfully uploaded your picture to your Profile like you say, and it shows up in your...

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Why does my yahoo answers name and default picture keep changing?

i will set the picture i want from my yahoo 360 and its there for like a min. i refresh the page or go on to answer or ask a question and it is gone. it will either be blank or default back to my avatar.


my name and pic was gone for 3 weeks. its a glich at yahoo. you will have to wait it out.

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