How do i change a document to a picture?

Let’s learn how do i change a document to a picture. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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How to change word picture document do word document?

I converted PDF into word document. But when it comes to word, the document is saved as picture document. Like i too picture of document and save it in word. How can i save this pciture word document to word document?


u need an OCR tool to convert the word file in images to editable text. just google for 'OCR tool'

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windows media is set to default on installation, try changing your default to whatever program you prefer...

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Is there a way to change the settings when you scan a document so you can edit the picture or document?

when i scan documents and I realize i have to fix something it doesn't let me edit the document I scan, all I can do is change the size. It makes a box around the document and you can make that bigger or smaller but you can't change anything inside of...


Hello Buddy. Why Dont You Try To Scan Your Image in Adobe Photo Shop. Its Scans, Edit, And Resize Image...

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. You can do that using OCR,, Optical Character Recognition. Go to the below link and download...

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Open image editing program and create new blank document, then highlight all in word, ctrl + A, copy...

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How can you make a Word Document a Wallpaper on your computer?

My husband made me this cute Word Document and I am trying to make it the Background on my computer, but since it's in 'Word' format it won't allow me to make it the background (it says it has to be a picture format a '.jpg') The document has clip art...


or you could print it off, scan it back on to your computer in a jpg format (that is all my scanner...

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Scan Documents to computer, it saves as Picture file. I need to be document, like Word...?

Everytime I scan something to my computer, it saves as a picture file in my Kodak Easyshare. So when I open it it is a picture format.... I need it to scan and save as a word file so I can print the documents. It does not give me the option when I scan...


You should be able to print it right from Paint. Try CTRL/P or the File menu. Hope that helps.

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How do you scan a document and change name and address on it?

I need to change a name and address on one of my bills like my energy bill threw the computer not electric company. I have tried microsoft office but i dont have the correct type like the microsoft office image 2007. I only have word, clip organizer...


If you have the right software, you could scan and change the address, it has nothing to do with magnetic...

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How do i scan a document; to later make spelling and font adjustments?

i need to scan a document so i can later change spelling errors and the font? but whenever i scan it, its scanned as a picture, so i cant change it, please help. thank you=]


You need a programme called an OCR programme. (Optical Character Recognition) which can save your file...

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