How do you change a video to a picture?

Let’s learn how do you change a video to a picture. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How do i change a Video on iPhoto to a picture?

My stupid friend took all these videos which are like .1 seconds and i want to take a like frame or something and turn it into a picture for like facebook. HELP


This is the method I would use: 1. Open the video so that you are able to play it. 2. Play the video...

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How do i change a piece of a video into a picture?

I want to change my profile picture into a picture of me doing a trick in skateboarding but all i have is videos so how can i like pause the video and cut a a picture out of it and save it to my computer? I want to be able to tdo this from my computer...


There are multiple ways. Just use a screen capturer. Windows 7 has one, look in your Utilities folder...

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I uploaded a video to youtube, so how shall i change the default picture quality of that video?

i went to settings & changed it to 360 p but after i restarted my comp, it again started showing the video in 144 p. how shall i change the default picture quality of this video more


This is different for each individual viewer. YouTube tries to auto configure quality depending on internet...

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On Youtube or myspace when I upload a video, it randomly selects a picture for my video. How do I change it?

OK for instance I make a video about a boy and a girl going on a date, to a dinner and a movie. Its a 15 minute long video, and youtube/myspace videos will randomly select a picture more


The picture you see is a screen capture of he exact middle of the movie so if you want the title just...

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Does anyone know how to change a picture on a youtube video that only uses a picture as the background?

i have videos uploaded with just pictures to my music. but i used google images in them and i want to start google ad monetization but i cant use other peoples pictures. does anyone know if you can get around this problem? is there any way of chaging...


Yes you click the button that says 'change picture'.

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How do i change the picture of my youtube VIDEO?

not my picture but the picture it shows of your video...


Sign in Hover over your username on the top right corner Click My Videos Find the want you want Click...

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How can i change the pictures into a normal picture instead of being part of a video?

I have a canon rebel G film camera & i want to shoot some pictures. I know i have to get the film and process it into a cd but, how is the cd going to be like? A download or all the pictures going to show up as a video? If so how can i change the...


If you shoot on film and opt to have a CD with the images, you'll receive the CD in addition to the...

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All of the How To info I could find on a flip camera only tells you how to use the video. I could not...

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In order for you to change the video thumbnail on YouTube, you will have to start Windows Live Movie...

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