How can I use mongo-sync?

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olegp/mongo-sync · GitHub Mongo Sync. Mongo Sync is a synchronous MongoDB driver for use with Common Node that attempts to closely approximate the MongoDB shell.

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Why can't I remember how to use my camera?

Photography has been a lifelong, though not consistent, interest of mine. I have always had an SLR or DSLR camera for about 30 years. Yet I still can't remember how to operate the damn thing without using automatic settings! What is my problem and can...


First of all, of course there is nothing wrong with using your DSLR in auto mode. You will get great...

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How can I ship a book through media mail? What package can I use?

If I would like to ship a book through media mail, how do I do it? What package can I use? If I can't use priority mail boxes that the post office provides, what can I use then? Are there media mail boxes I can use? Btw, I don't have bubble wrap or cardboard...


You can package it just as you would a first class package, like in a plain brown box, or a box wrapped...

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How can I best use Google Voice?

I can't get my head around Google Voice. Just what can it do for me? In general, I know how Google Voice works (at least I think I do). But I'm trying to figure out how I can best use it. Here's my situation. I'm unemployed and likely to remain so for...


Since yesterday you can call people from your computer using Gmail using Google Voice and it is free...

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How and what voice recognition software can a child use in school?

What , if any, voice recognition software would be suitable for a child who has issues writing? How do you make it work for in-class assignments? How well does IOS Dragon work? My 8 year old son has “visual motor” problems, which means that he has difficulty...


This seems like the domain of some sort of special education specialist. Have you sought an evaluation...

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I use AOL, and I can't use the IE Outlook express,Please tell me how to use it?AOL doesn't let me use Outlook?

Actually since I have joined AOL one and half year ago, I can't use my outlook express, which is universal, any message, can be sent and received. What should I do? Becasue AOL modem is like that they restrict us only to use AOL in website email. Or...


You can use Outlook to receive AOL mail. Here is the link:

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A shop use loudspeaker and repeat the same sentence all day long.It‘s too noisy!How can I do?

I come from China and my hometown is too noisy ,in average,there are about 47 second car horn in just one minute!10 seconds of quiet cannot be done,it is a luxury. Taxi use horn to attract every person who is standing still.And trucks use awful horn...


Call police again or get someone new to call. If they won't uphold the law, they're probably getting...

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How can I most effectively use an MP3 player to study math for the GRE?

How can I use an MP3 player to study math for the GRE? Can I use podcasts and other audio tools to prepare for the math portion of the GRE? For 8 hours every day, I am physically occupied but can use an MP3 player. I plan to do written problems during...


Hmmm... It's a tough one. The best way to prepare for a math test is generally to just sit down and...

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How many times do I use fertilizer on my garden? When do I use it? And can I use it with plant food?

I started a small garden in my back yard not too long ago. I was told I have to buy fertilizer for my plants. I sprinkled it on the soil already, but I am not sure when to re apply. The bag's directions did not specify. I was also told I have to use...


Use the plant food as directed and stop the fertilizer.

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Car transmission only can use low gear, how long can i drive before repairing?

this is basically whats going on, i have a 95 ford escort, since its my FIRST car , im still getting used to checking fluids and so on. i didn't check the transmission fuel and then one day i started smelling something burning and i can could only go...


A small piece of advice: If you can borrow money from a friend (for 3 weeks - till you get your money...

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