How can i connect both my wii and a dvd player to my tv?

Let’s learn how can i connect both my wii and a dvd player to my tv. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Amazon Askville.

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comcast box to dvd player then to TV w/HDMI, wii to tv with AV no sound.Do I connect DVD?Only Yellow? split to TV?

I have surround sound HDMI cable going through the DVD player and cable box to dvd. The wii will not play sound when connected to the sony TV even when change to the TV speakers I can not figure out why. I have read you need to have the red and white...


why do you have your cable TV box daisy chained through your DVD player? all your different devices...

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I have a cable box, wii, apple tv, laptop, and dvd player that i want to connect to both my tv and projector?

I would like to be able to choose which one i want to use based on the situation. The TV and Projector both have HDMI input. I also have in wall speakers i want to use as well as connect surround sound if possible. My first priority is the television...


try looking at an hdmi splitter… other options here...

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Need to connect: Philips Magnavox TV, Cable (Time Warner), Wii, Sony DVD Player and Sony VCR. Any help would be apprecia

ted. They are all connected now, but the problem is that I need to use the "Video Source" switcher on the TV to use the DVD or the Wii and they both use the same channel (aux). Can't get the DVD to work - everything else works fine. Thanks!


Since you have Time Warner, you should be able to call their troubleshooting line and talk to a technician...

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honestly the best thing would be to call Direct TV and complain that the tech messed up your "setup...

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How can I connect my Wii to my TV ?

I need to connect my Wii to an LED samsung tv, but I'm not quite sure how. I have a satellite box and a dvd player already connected, and I can't seem to find the ports needed to plug in the RCA cable. Its possible that I've used up all the ports already...


Easy. Just get a composite switch box. See the link.

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Is there anyway to hook my Wii and dvd into my tv at the same time?

I have an Emerson Tv 32" and it doesn't have enough hookins to connect my wii and dvd player at the same time. My Magnavox dvd player looks like it hasemough hook ins But I'm not surehow to hook them up together and if i cant do it that way is there...


Compent or HDMI switcher.

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What do i need to connect multiple rca cables to my tv?

i am trying to connect my satellite box, wii, and dvd player all to my tv at the same time. do i need some sort of adapter to plug all of them into and then from that to my tv? if so, what is it called so i can try to find one?


If you run out of TV inputs to plug all of your devices into, then you could look into getting a home...

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How do i use dvd players or game systems into a tv without "input"?

i tried useing a dvd player on my tv but it doesnt have input on it so it wouldnt work now i want to connect my wii and its not working!! please help and by the way that whole put more


you would need to buy a special device to convert the signal from RCA to coax. You're better off just...

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Why is my DVD player picture all blue tones?

I have a Mitsubishi HD-TV which has 2 sets of Input connections for the red-white-yellow cables and 2 sets of Component connections for the red-green-blue cables. I have a Direct-TV DVR hooked up to Input-1 with one set of the red-white-yellow cables...


Sounds like your dvd composite output jacks are wonky. Sorry bud. I got a little lost in all of the...

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When playing the wii OR the dvd player through my tv, I have sound but no picture?

I have a samsung flat screen. I have a sony receiver, dvd player, wii and cable box. When playing the wii OR the dvd player, I have sound but no picture. When watching regular tv, everything is fine. The wii is hooked up with the supplied cables into...


You have the video part of the Wii AV cable hooked up to the wrong set of connections on the TV.

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