Can I hook up my tivo to a dvd player?

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How do I hook-up cable box, tivo, dvd/vcr player to my TV and all of them work?

I got a new tv. All this stuff was hooked-up to old tv and worked fine. when I got the new tv and hooked everything up, the dvd/vcr player will no longer play on the tv and the cable in my bedroom no longer works, however it does work in 2 other rooms in the house besides the main tv. Does anyone know of a service that will come and check this all out, and hook it up right so everything works? Thanks for all your help.


I am assuming you got a flat screen LCD type TV. The cable from the wall should be split first, get...

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How do I hook up a tivo, cable box, dvd player to the tv together?

I'm mainly trying to figure out how to get my dvd player in with the mix. I tried numerous ways, and all I see is a scrambled picture when I have my dvd player on. I have a digital cable box if that matters.


You need an A/V selector to switch between TiVo and DVD.

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How do I hook up my d. converter box,TV & TiVo w/ an antenna? I even disconnected my dvd player to simplify.?

I can get digital television with all the different ways I've tried, but I have no TiVo anymore.


First off, what model TIVO & converter box do you have? Only the series 2 single tuner will work...

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How do I hook up my TiVo to my DVD player to make movies show in Now Playing list?

I was at my friend's house, and we were watching a movie, so she put the movie into the DVD player, but instead of switching inputs the movie showed up in her Now Playing list on more


Rip and transfer your DVD to MPEG2, then put them to tivo with pyTivo.

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You're going to need an RF Splitter to do this. Once you get that, you run the coaxial from the wall...

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to be honest with you, your Tivo box should have come with directions that would answer these questions...

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How do I make my VCR/DVD work with my TiVo, TV, and digital cable?

I have an Olevia HD television, a TiVo HD system, an APEX VCR/DVD player, and a generic sound system that hooks up through the VCR/DVD player. I have digital cable through two single stream CableCARDs in my TiVo. HERE'S THE DILEMMA: Before we upgraded...


My recommendation is to call your cable company. It's a little difficult to try to visualize what the...

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To buy Tivo or to buy Dvd recorder?

My husband wants to buy tivo for our new big tv. If we hook up tivo to the new tv - that's the only tv we can watch the tivo'd shows on right? But if we get dvd recorder we can watch the DVD on any tv in the house that has dvd player? Or am I missing...


You are kind of missing something. A DVD is a permanent storage whereas Tivo is really a temporary storage...

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Sony flat screen tv to a panasonic dvd player with Tivo?

I have a sony flat screen tv I want to hook up to a panasonic dvd/vhs player. The tv has a tivo wired to it, how do I connect it? Thanks


Well, you should split the RF cable and connect it to the Tivo and VHS's "In from Ant" inputs...

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Hooking up DVD player with DVR.?

Hello, we have Tivo hooked up to my parents tv, and want to add a DVD player. I would rather not use an S-Video cable, because they don't know how to switch inputs, as the controller was lost. So do I hook the dvd up through the dvr or? If I can't use...


the simplest solution is to Run everything to the TV and then use the TV to switch between devices via...

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