Will 'Kodak DVD-R' discs work in a DVD player if I burn movies onto them?

Let’s learn will 'Kodak DVD-R' discs work in a DVD player if I burn movies onto them. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by kodak.com.

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KODAK DVD-R media does not work on DVD ... DVD-R discs are manufactured to DVD ... Does Kodak offer a service to copy images onto DVD-R for use on a DVD-R player, ...


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Will 'Kodak DVD-R' discs work in a dvd player if i burn movies onto them?

I have some movies saved in my files as avi files but i used a DVD+R disc and it wouldn't burn onto it, it said there were errors? So will DVD-R discs work? I need some help?


it should work

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How To Burn DVDs??? Please HELP!!!!?

Okay, obviously this is about how to to burn DVDs. I've downloaded multiple programs for converting and all of this. I know how to burn, I just get an error on one DVD player and the Xbox 360 just says it's a Media Disc. Okay, so to the story. I have...


There are quite a lot of reasons for China's becoming economically powerful, including proper policy...

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How can I burn movies to a DVD-R or DVD+R disc?

How can I burn movies to a DVD-R or DVD+R disc? My DVD player only takes DVD+R discs. I tried to do it but it doesn't work on my DVD player. Does anybody know a software to do that?


You should use a video to dvd convert software, I recommend you E.M. HD Video Converter, it can convert...

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Why won't my DVD's burn?

To get it out of the way THEY ARE NOT ILLEGAL MOVIES. The files are originally MPEG4's. So I pop in the disc (the discs are those 2 for $1.25 packs at the dollar store). The DVD option menu used to come up and ask whether I wanted to burn a data disc...


What I am using is Leawo Free DVD Creator. I think it is the easiest software to burn video to dvd i...

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Is my blank DVD discs compatible with my disc drive? ?

My disc drive is CD/DVD-R and I'm currently trying to figure out how to burn my movies onto a disc but it hasn't work (used a few DVD convert/burn programmes and still didn't work). Then I realised my discs are DVD+R is this connected at all? Is there...


yes the +R or -R matters if the DVD drive is specified as a +R or a -R the media is slightly different...

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How do I burn movies onto a DVD so that I can play it on my television?

I have Memorex DVD+R 16x 4.7 GB 120 Min Video RW discs. Which means nothing to me. I use Windows Vista. How do I burn my family movies onto these discs. Do I need special programs to get it to work on my DVD player? Thanks for your help - George


Total Video2Dvd Author can help you burn movies to dvd simply and directly, 1. convert avi and other...

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WHy dont my DVDs work anymore? And my players? inbuilt obsolescence?

Bought a Sony Blu Ray DVD player 2 years ago. Now it does not work. It started by not playing blu ray discs, and then eventually not "original" DVDs that were bought at the stores. So I had to burn my own discs with downloaded movies, and my...


You seem to have a bunch of broken hardware and software. That has nothing to do with obsolescence....

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Which dvd types are compatible with most dvd players?

I purchase movies to download online, and have been converting them to .vob files and burning them on discs that are DVD+R. However, when a couple friends have borrowed it, they say that it didn't work. However it works on my dvd player. Which software...


Hi,Willy,there must be something with your friends' dvd player.Generally speaking,when you burn the...

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How do I get my downloaded movies to play on my dvd player?

I have installed a converter that converts avi,xvid etc to dvd pal or dvd ntsc.None of which work. I've tried different discs(dvdr-,dvdr+,dvdrw) but with the same results. any suggestions please


You can try AVS Video Converter, it is to convert video between almost any formats:AVI (DivX, XviD,...

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