Why won't my DVD work on a DVD player?

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Why won't my DVD player work?

I am wondering if there is a problem with my DVD player. One of my roommates had one of his relatives come over and I don't know how long they were watching DVDs. However, when I tried to put in one of my DVDs, it won't play anything. So, is there something wrong with the DVD player? Does a DVD player needs to rest or what?


Try a dvd cleaner at times my won't work either so I bought a dvd cleaner...it still has some problems...

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Why a burned dvd-r wont work in a dvd player?

I just bought some blank dvd roms so that I could burn some videos onto them. I burned some videos onto 2 discs off of itunes but when I put them in the dvd player to watch them it wont work I can only watch them when they are in the computer. I googled...


if you are just copying and pasting the video files to disc the dvd is not recognizing the file type...

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Why wont my sony dvd player work with DVD's from columbia pictures?

The player is a sony progressive scan dvd/vcr combo not more than a year old and plays about 95% of my titles. The player itself says loading, then it says menu, yet nothing happens on the screen except the blue loading screen. I then have to turn it...


Nothing specific. Some players are notorious for being sensitive to minor issues with disks, while other...

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Why wont my dish network remote work with my surround sound/DVD player?

I have dish network, a Panasonic DVD surround sound system and a Vizio TV. I have the surround sound working with the TV now but I have to control the sound using a different remote than the one I control the dish with. Im trying to get my dish network...


Hello! Daniel Busa here with Dish Network's customer service department. Our remotes do not have full...

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Why wont my TDK DVD R 8.5 GB work on any dvd player?

I am burning a PAL DVD with an 8.5 gb blank disk and it doesn't seem to read it at all. What can i do to make them work?


I would assume that you're in a country that uses PAL as a standard, but Yahoo usually indicates if...

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Why wont my sony dvd player work with my westinghouse hdtv?

I am trying to connect my dvd player with component cables. When the dvd plays the screen is like double vision. I tried turning the progressive on and off with no luck. My ...show more


It is your TV, Westinghouse is a 'cheap' brand. More often than not, you get what you pay for. Youll...

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Why wont my DVD work in my VCR Player?

Hi all, I'm not too great with all this technology balony. But anyway, today I went to Best Buy and baught my self a good ol John Wayne movie on the DVD format. When I tried playing it in my VCR, it snapped my DVD and it wouldnt play it. What is it that...


You got off lucky! When I tried that, smoke came out of my VCR. It stopped working, and I had a heck...

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If I have y cb/cr pb/pr connections on my DVD player why wont the component cable for the itouch work?

I understand that it may be because it is not compatible with dvd player or tv but would like confirmation of this! Thanks


Y/Pb/Pr are analog signals/ Y/Cb/Cr are digital. The two can't talk to each other. See link below. Now...

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Why does DVD-RW but not DVD-R work in my DVD player?

When I burn a DVD using 'Windows DVD Maker' and play it on our DVD player, only a DVD-RW disc works, and none of the six DVD-R discs that I've tried; the player claims 'no disc'. I thought DVD-RW was the trickier format, and that if DVD-RW works, then...


Were they all from the same batch? I had a cake of DVD+R from Asda a while ago that didn't work in anything...

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DVD wont play on DVD player but will play on playstation 2, how do I get it to work on DVD player?

It looks like it has a little bit of scratches but why would it work in the playstation 2 not in the DVD player, a sansui VCR/DVD player/burner.


Its because of your DVD has lots of scratches and your player can not read it but your playstation ...

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