Is this movie I have playable on a DVD player?

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How do I play a Movie DVD on netbook using my laptop's DVD player?

I bought my girlfriend a netbook but she keeps renting DVD's, and she can't play them on netbook because she doesn't have DVD player. So I tried getting her netbook to remotely play DVD from player on my laptop, so I can continue working on my PC and she can watch her movie. But the movies we rent have some sort of copyright protection so there's no exe file we can click to launch the movie on her Netbook. I tried opening the DVD from VLC player but it starts loading then stops - seems it can't...


I see you have no DVD ROM. You need to copy from other computer and put it to pendrive then put it in...

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How Can I Burn and iTunes Movie Onto a DVD That Is Playable In a DVD Player?

I bought a movie on iTunes and want to put it onto a disc so that I can watch it on TV with a DVD player. There are programs out there that remove the DRM protection but all of them more


As I know, there is no freeware can remove drm protection from iTunes movie. For music, you can burn...

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Hi, I am trying to burn a movie on a DVD-R to play on the DVD player. But the DVD player says disk error

This is how I burned it: when I inserted the dvd into the dvd writer, it asked me what do I want to do with the blank dvd, so I chose burn data, then asked me u want data for saving or to use in a dvd player, so i chose dvd player, then it burned the...


For most DVD players, you have to "finalize" the disk when burning.

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How can I convert an AVI movie to a VOB on a MAC to be able to burn it to a DVD and play it on my DVD player?

I tried burning a movie onto a DVD to play it on my DVD player but it wouldn't recognize the DVD. I was then told that I needed to convert the movie on my Mac which is AVI format to a VOB format in order to then burn it on a DVD and be able to play it...


You are correct. Use iDVD.

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Why isn't movie DVD working in any dvd player?

I work in a video store where we have several copies Rush Hour 3. Many people rent it, bring it back, and tell me it doesn't work, so I send them home with another copy of the same movie. They bring it back again, only minutes later and say the second...


Assuming that the copies are mint with no scratches and dirt, It is possible that the copies you have...

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Burn Complete Movie File(s) to DVD in DVD Player Compatible Format?

So I have various movies I own that I backed-up on my computer, and one of the DVDs got damaged and is now unusable. So I wanted to burn the back-up file back on to a DVD so I could watch said movie without having to hook my computer up to the TV. What...


hi,why don't you try any dvd's the best movie backup cloner,you can backup your movies with...

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I have DVD movie which opens in DVD Player, not in PC, Please tell me how to see that movie in computer?

I have a DVD movie disc that plays well in DVD player, but when i play it in the PC it does not open up. Could u please tell me how to see that particular movie in computer as I do not have DVD player with me.


To play DVDs on the computer you need two things 1. The hardware to play the DVDs - a DVD ROM drive...

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Burnt DVD wont play full movie in DVD player?

Ok so i burnt The Crazies on DVD yesterday. The first time i burnt it and tryed to play it in the DVD player it turned on but it only got in the movie for a couple of seconds than it went back to the menu screen. I tryed to burn it a few more times on...


Is your dvd player one that reads divx? Because if it doesn't you are wasting your time. If it does...

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Region-1 dvd movie, player?

i want to buy a movie on ebay, im from australia and the movie i want is for sale in australia but the movie was produced in the US. in the description it says make sure your dvd player is region-1, what does that mean and how do i know if it will play...


DVD Region Breakdown Region 1 - U.S.A., Canada, U.S. Territories Region 2 - Europe, Japan, South Africa...

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How can I make a DVD + R CD with a movie work on my DVD Player?

I inserted a DVD + R CD into my DVD ROM in my laptop then it started to format the CD. After that I put a movie onto that CD and i wanted to play it on my DVD player. So after i have put it inside the DVD player, it didn't work. I need someone to help...


Multisession DVD's doesn't work on most players. When creating DVD using Nero select option "No...

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