How can i keep from being booted out of a yahoo chatroom?

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I keep getting booted from yahoo chatroom?

Hi guys, So someone keeps booting me out of a yahoo chatroom and it comes up as "Yahoo Messenger Error..send error report." and it shuts dow itself.. SOmeone please help me, how can I not get booted out? Yahoo Messenger should ban booters or not have such option to boot people out!! not good??!?!


The booter probably has your Username on their software Try changing your chat nickname Open messenger...

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How do i keep from getting booted on yahoo and can i return the favor for getting booted?

well im sick of goin into a room getting cussed out the getting booted apparently reporting them doesnt work so what else is there to do


I suggest you stay away from getting a booter and booting people as it is against the TOS of yahoo and...

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Why is it when i go into yahoo chat i keep getting booted out by yahoo?

when im chating with my friends in a chat roomyahoo keeps booting me out why is that then when i try to get back in to the chat room it takes like for ever some times and some times you cant get in to a chat room at all yahoo should have kept the old...


download an anti booting software for yahoo messenger to block the boots of lammers, u cand ownlaod...

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Got booted from yahoo chat, can't sign back into a chatroom, how can I fix this?

some immature guy booted me from chat and I can't sign into chat now but my messenger works fine. can anyone please tell me how I can fix this and is there anyway to keep it from happening again?


yea had that done to me there might be boot file hooked to a yahoo file its hard to find get older version...

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How come I keep getting booted from Yahoo every 10 min?

Every 10 min, I am being booted form Yahoo. Even with Y tunnel, this keeps happening, and I am booted offline. What would be causeing this?


maybe someone has your password and is messing with your account try changing your password and see...

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Help I keep getting booted on yahoo messenger?

So what do I do? I keep getting booted on Yahoo messenger by this stupid guy and he uses a different screen name almost every time. I did write them all down. So the question is. what do I do? I can't block him because he can still boot me. So help?...


install an internet security or firewall of your computer. or else, get an antibooting program. i think...

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Why do i keep getting booted out of yahoo games i am already playing?

this has happened to me more in the last week then ever b4. i have lost 400 points in yahoo euchre only cause of this and i am getting very frustrated with yahoo and about to go somewhere else. I like yahoo but this is getting old news


The most common reason for your problem is an easy fix! Yahoo games use virtual memory to play. Running...

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When will Yahoo Card Games work properly. I keep getting booted out of my game?

I play Canasta Card Game. For the past 3 days Yahoo will not allow me to play . It keeps on freezing me out of my games. One day Yahoo said they were having a problem and to try back the next day after 12.30p.m. which I did and they still kept booting...


No one knows when it will be fixed. The yahoo games server had had numerous problems for a long time...

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I keep getting booted while in yahoo games such as spades. can you tell me why this is happening?

The connection seems to be good for about 10-20 minutes each time but then i am booted and this is very consistent. The internet is still active i am just disconnected from yahoo's java application.


I was getting booted constantly while playing spades as well...someone suggested that I download Mozilla...

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I am having terrible trouble with playing yahoo games (euchre) I keep getting booted from the game?

I am in pop up windows and can play for a while... then i get booted every time i play. I have called the cable co. and they have checked everything. WHAT COULD IT BE? Would it maybe be that someone got mad at me and reported me and yahoo is booting...


There have been problems with Games for 2 weeks. Yahoo knows about the problem and will fix it. You...

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