How can one start a non-profit organization?

Let’s learn how can one start a non-profit organization. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How can I start a non profit organization, or get info on how to start one?

I live in the state of florida and I want to start an after school program. I also want to collect food from local stores then past it out to the needy in my community.


You first file your Articles of Incorporation as a non profit with your Secretary of State. Once you...

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1) Determine whether you really need to start a charitable enterprise. 2) Check with your state business...

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Since online presence for any organization has become a necessity, how should one go about it, should one start a website and gradually make changes it according to his needs or should one plan/strategize first and then work on it?

Internet gives a unbiased platform to groups and companies from all circles, how can I for example take best of it, when i have a limited budget and there are big players in market in the same industry.


I agree with everyone. Get a domain and hosting, and then install WordPress on it. Consider outsourcing...

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How do I start a non-profit organization? Does it have to be a formal one?

I want to start an organization for basketball that just does drills and works on skills and things like that (similiar to PIP if you've ever heard of it) for younger kids and to more


A nonprofit organization is a full functioning corporation that is mission driven. It should be seen...

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How does one start a news organization in India? What are the requirements?

How do I setup a news/media company in India, so that we'll be considered "Press," which is a requirement to attend high-profile meetings (esp. Govt. meetings) etc. What are the requirements? E.g. minimum no. of employees, revenue, etc.


It's called Press Accreditation. Guidelines For Grant Of Accreditation To News Media Representatives...

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How does one start TEDx at their own school/organization?

Just curious of the process of organizing TEDx.


You should apply for a licence. There a three types of events: 1) Small audience, no speakers: You can...

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- Start by filing with your Secretary of State - Get 501C3 certification from the IRS - Raise funds...

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A foundation is a not-for-profit organization. However, you don't need to form a foundation to create...

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