How do you start a non-profit organization in California?

Let’s learn how do you start a non-profit organization in California. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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I would like to start a Non-Profit Organization in CAlifornia?

( clothing for needy children). Confused a bit LLC, Corp, ?? Which one will best suit my goals. Will be traveling out of the US as well. Thank You in advance.


I have found a website that compiles various resources on starting a non profit. I especially like the...

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How do I start a Nonprofit Organization in California?

I thought there was a way to download/print the Nonprofit Organization application online via my city's City Hall website (which has information/forms to obtain a business more


Your city hall has nothing to do with nonprofit organizations. It's a state and federal process. Start...

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Best place in California to start nonprofit organization?

I'm doing a project in school where we start our own business, and mine is a nonprofit organization. I want it to be in Cali because I heard nonprofit organizations are big there, more


While they have many similarities, a nonprofit is not actually a business. The purpose of a business...

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Starting a nonprofit organization in California isn't difficult. Start by seeking free government information...

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How do I start a non-profit organization for abused/battered women in California?

I want to start a shelter/ non-profit organization for women who are being abused/battered. This organization will do anything for these women and children, give them shelter, legal more


There are many organisations already. You would best to visit a center and see what types of people...

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How start a non profit Organization in California?

where do I start? what paperwork is need and to whom do I contact


A nonprofit organization is a LEGAL entity and ONLY adults can file the legal documents and conduct...

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What is the minimum age requirement to start a non-profit organization in California?

I am 14 years old and I live in California, and I am really interested in starting a non-profit organization to raise funds for Cystic Fibrosis research. I already bought a domain more


You have to be brutally honest with yourself and ask yourself this question. If you were an adult, would...

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What do I need to start a non profit day care in my organization as it pertains to california law?

My company wants to open up a daycare, I want to know what type of licensing if any is required, what legalities need to be taken into account? It's going to be a free service for the employees but I need to know per california law what I require...thank...


I am not from California, nor am i well versed in the nature of your laws. However, I do know that one...

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Um.what type of organization?Do you plan on having a building for this organization? Employees?

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I want to start a local fundraising club called Sports for Aid but I DONT KNOW WHERE TO START! any help?

Hello, I am in 12th grade and I would like to start a fundraising club in my town of Tracy, California called Sports for Aid (SFA). The idea is that people come out and play sports and would pay to enter their teams into tournaments of different sports...


I wouldnt charge teams directly, but I would suggest that all teams are aware they need sponsorship...

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