How can you ask a guy out?

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How can I ask a guy to the dance?

Ok so the Sadies Hawkins dance is coming up. I never had a boyfriend so I'm really shy when it comes to these things, and I never talked to the guy I like so this makes me even more scary to ask him, because I'm scared of getting rejected. Also my parents are overprotected and still don't want me to have a boyfriend..... Whenever I think of this I feel very nervous... How can I build up my confidence to ask him? Help? :/


Hey, don't be shy. I have asked girls to dance before, they said yes. Girls have asked me to dance,...

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There is this guy that I like and I want to ask him out, How can I ask him out?

So there is this guy that I like. I want to ask him out, but I just don't know in what way. He can talk a lot with his friends and me. He likes to play computer games a lot and is usually on his computer during breaks. I have found out that no else has...


We'll there are many ways you can go about this. You can probably just pull him off to the side while...

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How Can I Make A Guy Want To Ask Me To Be His Girlfriend?

There's a guy I like, And I found out he likes me to!, because he told me he does. One day he kinda hinted and said he would ask me out tomorrow(that was a couple days ago) but he never did, and then he told me, that he likes me but he likes our friendship...


You can't make a guy feel a certain way. All you can do is tell him and hope he feels the same way.

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I think this guy likes can I tell? Also, how can I ask for his number to text?

Hi! Well, there is this guy in my class, and I think we have been flirting. ( you see, I'm not very good at telling relationships) anyway, this guy talks to me a lot in class (we sit next to each other) and even though there is a desk inbetween us, he...


I hope this gets answered cause I would like to know how that goes cause I am in the same boat as you...

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How do I ask my mom if I can go somewhere with a older guy even though my friends are with me?

So, recently my friend found this guy who she really likes. He is about to turn 17 and we are 14. He asked her to go to a outlet mall kind of as a small date this Friday. Her mom's totally ok with her going with him. She asked us if me and my other friend...


You might as well give up now - she won't let you go-

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How can I ask the more reserved and detached kind of guy out?

Hey guys, I like this guy but he seems very's hard to explain how he is really. I really like him, he's very handsome and from the little I've spoken to him- very down to earth, sweet, kind and friendly. I know he's gay too, but he never...


Why don't you just be honest with him? Walk up to him and say, "Hey, I have seen you turn down...

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I don't get women this day and age. Claim to want to be equal, independent, and be allowed to take charge...

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How can i ask this guy out?

ok so over the weekend im going to be hanging out with a guy and my friend so i can ask him out and i have it set up were going to get food and see a movie but im not sure i know how to ask him out or when please help 10 points to best answer also my...


I wouldn't if I were you. I would look at his body language and try to tell if he likes you or not

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How can i ask my mom to have guy friends over ?

Ok This friday me and my friend (whos a girl ) are going to see the hunger games. And we told these guys and then they said they wanted to come. so were like ok. so the movie ends at like 9. so me and my friend are lik lets hang out afterward. how can...


Mom can I have friends over

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How can I ask this guy to be my valentine :3 ?

My friend dared me to ask this guy in her math class to be my valentine. The thing is that I don't know him but I think he's adorable and I wouldn't mind having him as a valentine ^-^ I go to my friends math class for a few minutes and I see him there...


talk to him a while & then pop the question(:

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