How do I add another Yahoo group to my Yahoo group?

Let’s learn how do I add another Yahoo group to my Yahoo group. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How do I add a yahoo group to another yahoo group?

Okay so I have a main yahoo group and other small yahoo groups. How do I add these small yahoo groups to the main one? So i don't have to keep going back and forth?


You can't merge them but you could post on the one group inviting everyone to join the other.

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How can I add an RSS/XML feed from another site to my yahoo group?

I want to add rss/xml to the home page of my yahoo group. How would I do that?


I do not think you can. Yahoo Groups have RSS feeds for their messages. Try searching for an "RSS...

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How do add another moderator to my yahoo group???

my friend is going to help me run my group,, how can I make her moderator??


Here is the answer you are looking for:… How do I set...

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How do you add another moderator to a yahoo group?

I need to let someone else be a mod along with me, could you please tell me how?


How do I make someone a moderator of my group?… From...

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Can I add a Yahoo group as a member in another Yahoo group?

I would like all messages of a student Yahoo group to be sent to the instructors Yahoo group. I would like to add the instructors group as a member of the student group. The invite members tool does not allow me to add the instructors yahoo group email...


no, you can not and it tells you it's an invalid address, meaning you triggered their censors of what...

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How do I as owner of the yahoo group add a members Yahoo ID to their profile?

I have a private yahoo group (no join button) and I have members without a Yahoo ID in their profile. How do I add their Yahoo ID to their profile? If they logon to Yahoo, will their profile automatically update the Yahoo ID? Thanks Bob


You as an owner cant. The member has to do it. Those who don't have yahoo ID's are e-mail subscribers...

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In Yahoo!groups, how can I add to the subject of the messages sent to the e-mail group the name of the group?

I participate on an e-mail group that all of the e-mails sent to the group appears with the name of the group in between brackets on the subject. Now I have just started another group and it doesn't happens. I want to know how to do that and how to manage...


the group name should be in those brackets unless you're not sending it to the roup address, like if...

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How do I add a Yahoo Group to my My Yahoo page when there isn't an icon at the bottom of the messages list?

Following the instructions given here in answers to earlier questions on this topic, I looked at each of the 6 or 7 groups that I belong to, Only one of them had the little icons for adding that group to My Yahoo and RSS at the bottom of the messages...


I guess you wanted to use RSS so that you could actually view the messages on your My Yahoo page. You...

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How do i add people's contacts in my yahoo group?

how do you add a person's contacts into a yahoo group without necessarily them joining by themselves? I have a list of e-mail addresses of friends who have given me the go ahead to add them in my yahoo group, this is because most of them cannot access...


here is how ~… hope this helps you .

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How do I add a private/unlisted group to My Yahoo?

When adding a group to My Yahoo, I am directed to the directory of all groups where I can search for or browse to a specifics group. However, I belong to an unlisted Yahoo group that is not in the directory. I can't search for or browse to it. How do...


You will need to have a link from one of the emails to go back to the page once. There is no other way...

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