How do I add my groups to the tool bar?

Let’s learn how do I add my groups to the tool bar. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How do i add my groups to yahoo tool bar?

Had to do a recovery of my computer and lost groups icon from toolbar


I can help you with that. Click Settings and in the drop down menu click Add/Edit Buttons. Then click...

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How to add yahoo groups to tool bar?

I have the yahoo groups on my tool bar but want to add another group to the list.


After you start or join a new group that will automatically be listed / added to 'LOV (list of Values...

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I do not have my att tool bar showing but it is installed how can i add it back aon yhe tool bar to where i ca?

my att tool bar is installed but i cant use it cause it isnt on yhe tool bar to where i can make any options help me to see it again how


Hi my tool bar has also disappeared.I think yahoo are trying to force me to take the new tool bar.Which...

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Yahoo tool bar: how can I add a Yahoo Tool Bar?

how can I add a Yahoo tool bar


Open your Browser (IE or Firefox ) Go to Each browser will give you that version...

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How can I get favorites tool bar? I have no star with a green arrow...I am given no options to add to favorite?

I am given no option to add site to favorites bar when I add a favorite...I keep getting answers on how to add a favorite to the favorites bar.....I just plain don't have a favorites tool can I get one?


You need Internet Explorer 8.

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I cannot add icons to my tool bar?

Several icons disappeared from my tool bar and cannot be re-added . Also when you click Customize on the tool bar the box on right side of the screen displays all your tool bar icons. Mine shows nothing.


Some people use the generic term toolbar to mean Internet Explorer. It can also mean a toolbar available...

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How do I add an outlook express Icon to my yahoo tool bar or enternet explorer tool bar?

How do I get a micro soft outlook icon on my internet explorer tool bar. I had a short cut on the older version. It was similar to the yahoo mail icon. Help


if you're talking about the envelope----try this. Right click on a blank spot on the same toolbar that...

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All i want to do is add History to my tool bar and it does not giveme that options. So how can i add it?

Under tools there is no history to add and I have tried everything to add it to my tool bar that is showing.


If you have a gold star on the left of the toolbars, click that, your history might be there. On mine...

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Does anyone know how to add the pop up blocker function to the new tool bar. I go into Settings and Add/Edit?

Add/Edit function from my settings botton on my tool bar. When I go in and selection the button I want to add. When I click Save changes, it does not save.


After you select the buttons that you want, click on add, next to the button, then when you are finished...

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How can I add a yahoo tool bar?

I use to have yahoo tool bar on my home page and now I no longer have it. What happen was I had to download (foxfire) to my computer because of an on-line class. How can I add to yahoo tool bar back?


Go to Look on the right side of the screen for instructions

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